G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review – Low Price and High Quality for Dry Herbs

G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

Despite the myriad vaporizer options available today, getting a good portable vaporizer for dry herbs is still a significant challenge. Because of their small size and design, most vaporizer pens are plagued with problems. Most commonly, the pens either don’t produce enough heat to vaporize the herbs, or they produce too much heat and burn the herbs.

But Grenco Science might have finally produced a solution to the dry herb vaporizer problem. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is a small, portable, and highly functional gadget that will finally surpass all your expectations.

Not only does this portable pen promise you the experience of a lifetime, it does so while maintaining a minimalist approach to its functionality. You don’t have to worry about the probability of having to deal with a steep learning curve, which is especially nice for new vapers.

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Look and Feel – A Mixed Bag

Simply put, the G Pen Elite vaporizer is not the shiniest product that you will find on the market. Nevertheless, the black finish and the glowing power button do give it a somewhat sleek look. The device has three primary buttons and a bright LED screen. Other than the looks, the device also feels pretty neat in your hands. Even though it’s not the smallest gadget, the design allows it to fit perfectly in your hands. Its design makes the pen very easy to carry, and it is very usable on the go.

Fast Heat Up + Huge Chamber = User-Friendly Design

The G Pen Elite dry herb vaporizer is proof that size doesn’t matter when it comes to vaporizer pens. Straight out of the box the pen will preheat in just 20 seconds, while most other vaporizers take up to a minute to reach the optimal temperature level. That way, you won’t have to wait too long and waste most of your charge waiting for the device to be ready.

The loading chamber has also been made very accessible. It’s located right under the mouthpiece, and all you have to do is snap it off. It’s a spacious chamber that even allows for group vaping. However, users shouldn’t pack the chamber too tightly, because that reduces the ability to get air flowing through the material. Load the chamber to about 85-90% of its capacity, and you’ll get the best flavor.

You can set your preferred settings with the diverse temperature spectrum pretty easily. There are two buttons on the side of the LED display – one toggles up and the other down. Using the two, you can set your temperature to whatever level you find works best for you and the herbs in the chamber.

Overall User Experience

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert in the world of vaping, the G Pen Elite is a device that will work for you. It is very straightforward to use, but also multifunctional.

To switch the device on, just press the power button five times. The LED display will show a few quick settings: the optimum temperature for the session and the remaining battery life. The screen will then take you to the current settings of the device. Keep in mind that this does not start the pre-heating process.

To get the heating process started, press the power button and hold it down for about two seconds, and it will rapidly start heating up. The LED display will show you the heating element’s current temperature.

G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

Vapor Quality

For the price, the vapor quality of the G Pen is admirable. There are better options available on the market, but they are significantly more expensive. Typical use begins with lower temperatures to maximize the flavor, but if you’d prefer heavier clouds start off at a higher temperature. For most vapers, the cloud quality should be more than enough, but cloud chasers may find the pen lacking.

Pros and Cons of the G Pen Elite Vaporizer

There are some lessons worth mentioning about the performance and the user experience of the device. First of all, the G Pen serves its primary purposes quite well: it is small, handy, and extremely efficient.

The chamber is sizeable, easy to access, and simple to load. Once loaded, you can draw the first vapor in about 20 seconds, which is remarkably quick.

Another commendable aspect of the vape pen is the battery. It can last for up to six sessions and takes just about two hours to charge from empty to full. The battery cannot be replaced, but luckily can be charged through a micro USB port.

You may notice that the mouthpiece can get a little hot with prolonged use. The silicone covering helps, but not much.


  • Long life battery
  • Sizeable chamber that is easy to load
  • The pen is easy to clean
  • Allows for group vaping for those that might want to
  • Very easy to use
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Affordable


  • The battery is not replaceable
  • The mouthpiece gets hot with prolonged use
  • The vapor clouds could be better
  • The pen requires a couple of burn-offs to function optimally


Getting a top-rated pen for rock-bottom pricing is not always the easiest thing. With the G-Pen Elite, however, a low price and exceptional functionality go hand-in-hand. It is efficient, effective and high-quality. You don’t need to break the bank to land the pen. The pen’s affordability means you can enjoy the pleasures of vaping without experiencing the pinch that comes with expensive devices.

G Pen Elite Vaporizer
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