Vapium Summit Vaporizer: A Vaping Device That Always Remains In Budget

Vapium Summit Vaporizer is a device that has taken the portability factor to the next level. Remaining well under $200 barrier, this vape offers features which are not to be found elsewhere. The extended battery life, heat settings, and charge settings are the biggest pluses that come with this unit. The product has been used by us for quite some time, and the review below is therefore based on practical experience. All the ins and outs of the product are mentioned in full.

Vapium Summit Vaporizer

Size, Design and Discreetness

The slim and sleek design is what attracts the users of this vaporizer the most. For experienced users this vaporizer might not be compelling, but it is the subsequent use which proves the ability of its design. The dimensions are 5 x 1 x 1.3 inches; yes you heard it right. It can fit into any size of pocket and preserves the factor of portability.

The mouthpiece is triangular in shape and is magnetically attached to the body. This even eases the fitting of the piece in pocket.

The top has been made crystal clear so that the vape can be seen. Seeing other way round the USB port is pretty ubiquitous which makes the charging pretty easy. It is a vape that can be used while being charged which is surely appreciable. The tiny rubber part inside the port is an inconvenience since it is not attached to the body and therefore losing it is advent. The additional pack of these caps can be purchased for $5 (6 pieces).

Heat Settings And Efficiency

The vaporizer settings are easy to use. Just hold the power button to turn it on with vibration. It vibrates again once the desired temperature is attained. The LED lights, fixed to the front panel, clearly show the temperature that has been selected to create the herbal vape and its strength.

The 8 different temperature settings again make it a versatile vaporizer. These settings options are 320, 336, 356, 374, 392, 410, 428 and 446°F. The new users are advised to keep the temperature to 374 – 392, which is a good vaping range. Higher temperatures will lead to combustion and produce smoke, which will kill the purpose of using vape.

The conventional vaping devices have a fan embedded within the body which ensures that the air is passed through the herb quickly and easily. The Vapium Summit Vaporizer, on the other hand, takes 2 – 3 pulls before it starts to deliver. However, drawing air through it is quiet easy and hence it requires minimum efforts. Even if the bowl is tightened enough, the device is pretty breezy and helps to get the air drawn through the substance in a relatively smooth process.

Under the opening panel is a metallic bowl that is decent in size. It ensures that a decent amount of herb is vaporized when inserted. About a third gram of herb can be vaped easily. For new users this might seem absurd but for experienced users it is totally acceptable, keeping in view the values of discreetness and usage on the go. Even and continuous heating is provided to the herb inside so that the chamber never needs to be stirred. As per some user’s comments, 20 good sized hits are easily enjoyed with the amount. Most importantly the chamber heats up in less than a minute

Battery Life

The outlook of the vaporizer depict that it is exclusively made for use on the move. It’s controlled by a rechargeable lithium-battery, and it utilizes the standard miniaturized USB connector for charging which is helpful. The charger is not of the highest quality but it is cheap and easily available, so you can keep one wherever you go (home, auto, work, and so on). You can likewise utilize a USB power bank to carry additional juice with you when you’re on expanded treks with no power.

Moreover, all that’s needed is around an hour to completely charge the battery, and you would have the capacity to get about 60 minutes of utilization, before it totally kicks the bucket.

The auto off feature is another factor that is to be noted and will save energy. However, there is no vibration that alerts you. Once the standby mode is activated the device never wakes up by itself if you need to take a hit, which is annoying but the fact of the matter is that it only scorches dry herbs. Putting wax once the bowl is filled will allow the users to get out of this irking situation.

Is It Worth Buying?

To be precise the price tag it comes with is $150 which is economical. The performance is the most within this price. Getting the most value to the users, it is $120 less than the other established brands such as Vapir. The features make it an entry level vaping device and it is indeed a great choice for all beginners.

Vapium Summit Vaporizer
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