PAX ERA Vaporizer Review – New Depths in Oil Vaping

The PAX Era is the most innovative vaporizer to hit the market. You will love the new technology of the PAX Era. You are no longer limited when vaping your favorite herbal oil blend or concentrate; now you can use the ground-breaking vaporizer designed for custom blended herbs.

The new look of the PAX Era is smooth and sleek, with a beaded slate gray (black), shiny silver, gold, or rose gold finish that features underlying LED lights. You can make the lights change colors with your smartphone app, along with other features like flavor consistency and heat variances. The phone app lets you lock your pen for safety and receive the latest firmware updates for through the phone.

Two Unique Reasons Why Our Whole Team Loved PAX


Firstly, the PAX Era is Bluetooth compatible, making it easy to change the temperature from 1 to 4 with just a touch for users with an iOS or Android Smartphone. The ability to modify the temperature allows you to control the vapor volume, consistency, and blend of the herbal oil.

Secondly, the PAX Era has a patented SimpleClick Pod, a one of a kind product that does not screw into the pen, but instead snaps in. This innovation keeps the oil from dripping and clogging in the container. The Era Pods do not include BPAs because they are made of food grade polycarbonates, unlike many vaping products currently for sale.

Pax Era: Performance and User Experience

Performance and user Experience

The vapor quality on the PAX Era vaporizing pen far surpasses other similar products. The two-wick dispenser has an increased volume for vaping, plus the phone app assists you in choosing just the right temperature range for the longest draw. The heat temperatures have a full oven, a half-oven, and the ability to dial down to as low as 1 degree. This versatile heat delivery system gives you the most individualized vaping experience available in a portable vaporizer pen.

The PAX Era vaporizer is extremely easy to use. The Drop and Go technology of the SimpleClick Pod makes loading and vaping just a one click process. The vaporizer is lightning fast; you can heat the oil in only 15 seconds. The battery lasts for one hour, is built-in, and rechargeable. The PAX Era is also USB compatible, a convenience that is appreciated. The LED display includes a counter for puffs, so you know where you are on the Pod volume.

Look and Feel


This good-looking, flashy pen is a great addition to the vaporizer pen selections now on the retail market. The size is small; it looks like a thinner lighter or a little longer than a thumb drive. It just looks sharp with the customizable features that make it uniquely your own statement.

The PAX Era vaporizer pen has hidden games for the user, a very fun quality that is not available from other pens. To access the Easter eggs, just roll the pen over three times. Flip the direction and you have an entirely different set of games.

This means that PAX Era does not only look like a modern, sleek gadget, but also the games actually turn it into one.

Advantages of PAX Era:

  • Great performance, amazing design, and extremely affordable
  • Thanks to the Pods, you don’t have to mix and measure to get the right strength of the oils.
  • Being able to use your phone to adjust all the elements of the vaporizer is just a greatly convenient feature.
  • Customizing the LED light display makes a distinctive-looking vaporizer and the anodized finish is very attractive, while also being lightweight.
  • It doesn’t sit “heavy” in your hand, or feel off-balance when you vape.

Shortcomings of PAX Era:

  • The PAX Era is only compatible with the patented Era Pods which are only available California and Colorado at this time.
  • Battery life is decent but not great
Final Words

The state-of-the-art PAX Era, with the SimpleClick Pods, is an advanced design whose time has come for the vapers. There is simply no other vaporizer on the market with the innovative features of the PAX Era produced for the vapers that love herbal oils.

The vapor quality is simply amazing. The built-in battery that recharges with the USB is fast and convenient. The look of the PAX Era is modernly svelte, with a selective finish that screams “classy.” This vaporizer has a multitude of features that puts it at the top of the most enjoyable and exciting pen on the market for oil concentrates. The diversion of the games with the hidden Easter eggs makes a great vaporizing pen outstanding for those times that you have to sit and wait before indulging in your favorite herbal blend.

Do we love this product? You tell!

Pax Era Vaporizer
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