The PAX 3 Vape Review – Does it Justify the Price Tag?

Are you looking for a multipurpose, fast, and efficient vaporizer?

Consider Pax3 Vaporizer which can vaporize extracts as well as loose leaf. We loved the fact that there is no need to mash up the dry herbs, just put the leaves in the heating chamber and enjoy the experience of instant vaporizing, as the vaporizer takes care of the rest.

Pax 3 vaporizer

My whole team at QuitDay and I were pleasantly surprised to see that they are offering a 10-YEAR WARRANTY.

Who does that?

It is a clear sign that the product is outstanding, and the firm has complete confidence in their product. The vaporizer is available in four different colors, black, gold, silver and rose gold.

The PAX 3 costs $274.99, which is about $75 more than the predecessor PAX 2 but offers many improved, and new features, which make it worth the price.

Pax 3 Video Review

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What We Loved About PAX 3

  • Lovely exterior, available in a variety of colors
  • 10-year warranty
  • Multipurpose vaporizer allows you to vape extracts and whole leaf
  • Instant heat up
  • Gives a posh look in a hand, ideal to make your peers envy you at parties and gatherings
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Compact design makes it easy to carry around or keep in your pocket
  • Comes with loads of accessories

What We Didn’t Like Much

  • Produces rich odor, especially if not cleaned after two sessions while others have to be cleaned after three to four sessions; not a big difference, though.
  • The product is a bit delicate though it has a lovely design and structure.
  • Not highly customizable and offers only four preset heat settings

Pax 3 Vaporizer Functionality

pax 3 vaporizer functionality

Now let us get into the nitty gritty of the product.

PAX 3 is extremely efficient in terms of functionality. The oven gets hot in just 15 seconds after you turn the device on. That means you can instantly get rich, smooth flavor.  

There are more than four predefined temperature settings that can be utilized to enjoy your vaping experience. It takes about an hour and a half before it gets charged completely.  The best part is although its body is composed of aluminum it does not get hot even after extended use.

Unique Features of Pax 3 2-in-1 Vaporizer

Unique Features

The product is designed for beginners and experienced vapers who enjoy vaping most of the day.  The best part is it has a Bluetooth facility that can be enabled from the companion app on your smartphone.  The beautiful LED screen displays the temperature and the remaining battery life.

The device actually vibrates when it is ready to be used. How cool is that! Pax 3 vaporizer is sensitive to touch. When you bring the device to your lips it will heat up and when you set it away it cools down. You can customize your PAX 3 and control it from your smartphone by using the app that can be downloaded from the website.

Exciting Accessories


When I received my PAX 3 vaporizer, I was surprised to see so many accessories along with the device. There were three spare screens, concentrate insert, multi-tool, two mouthpieces, two oven lids, 3500 mAh battery, maintenance kit, charging cable, Bluetooth, and a 10-year warranty card.

In a nutshell

As a whole the experience was amazing. I liked the rich vapor PAX 3 produced at 345 degrees. The battery life is outstanding. Even after heavy use throughout the day I charged it only at night. Its aluminum body gives it a luxurious look and can be used in gatherings. The Bluetooth feature is unique and new for a vaporizer.

More than 4 temperature points allow the vaper to enjoy the vaping experience, although such a high-end device should offer a higher level of customization.

One thing that I didn’t like is that it starts producing odor if the chamber is not cleaned after one or two uses, which some of you might actually love.

It is light in weight and can be easily carried around. It can be charged easily by connecting to your laptop if you are on a go.

The most appealing feature I found was that PAX 3 vaporizer heats up within seconds. Moreover, we loved the way it actually heats up when taken towards the lips and cools down when you put it down.

With the performance, design, and amazing feature, the 10-year warranty is icing on the cake. This could be the last vaporizer you ever buy. In short, it does justify the seemingly high price tag.

All in all, we recommend PAX 3 to all the beginners as well as experienced vapers out there looking for a great vaping experience using extracts and dry herbs.

Pax 3 Dry Herbs and Concentrates Vaporizer
QuitDay Rating: 94/100 by