Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit: Reviewing A Bad-Ass Wax Pen Vaporizer

Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit Review


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In the world of concentrates, the Brain Fogger wax pen atomizer is quite a unique device. With its Reverse Stacked Coil design, concentrates are melted on an upper coil and then flow to the lower coil for vaporization. This stacked coil is composed of an innovative Stacked doughnut coil and ‘B’ box coil, which are both releases unique to MigVapor. The kit retails at $89.90.


The Brain Fogger can be used with temperature and sub-ohm controlled devices. Which is why MigVapor married it to one of the best mods – the Mig Target Mini. The flavor output is amazing, and the sleek design and battery function are nothing to scoff at either. This might be the best dab kit to ever exist!

The Z-stick also makes for a great match with this vape pen atomizer. However, the Z-Stick only permits wattage control. Another great option is the Phantom X 1600 battery, which is a great for non-sub-ohm cases. It is limited to 15 watts, so do keep that in mind. The recommended wattage for this product is in the lower range, so the Phantom X may be a better choice.

Now let’s come to the real central feature – the Mig-Target Mini. Vaporesso, the tiniest and best mini mod until today, ensures that the trigger design of the unit is maintained in the dimensions of the Mig-Target Mini. Equipped with an internal 1400 mAh Lithium ion cell, a micro-USB can be used to charge and is included in the kit.

Don’t be fooled by the insignificant look of this tiny mod, since the mini Mig-Target is able to deliver a maximum power of 40 watts, as well as different temperature control settings.

Brain Fogger Wax Vaporizer Atomizer

The vaporizer tank of the Brain Fogger is designed to be used with concentrates from dry herb flowers. It is compatible with sub-ohm devices and utilizes True Dual Thermal Technology. The heating process is efficient and involves absolutely no combustion. The heating is also maintained in a controlled environment and works even with low wattage ranges.




There is a long list of features of the vaporizer tank. The mouthpiece is constructed from glass and the tank is designed to be used with TC and sub ohm batteries. As mentioned before, the tank contains Ceramic Reverse Stacked Coils to be used for concentrates. This ceramic heating technology is also a new addition. Heat up time is 10 seconds and absolutely no plastics are used in the making of his product. The heating style is either baking or burn, according to the power wattage set. For baking there is a mod with a wattage requirement of 7-10 watts.


The recommended way to use this fused product is by setting the wattage between 7-10 watts and the temperature between 200 and 300 °F. Once it is set up, the inhalation duration should last approximately 12 to 15 seconds. Be mindful about not overloading wax on to the coil. Before the first hit, melt the wax for 10 seconds, since it will take a few seconds for the wax to melt down to the lower coil. After this first hit, it will take less time to heat up again. A good tip is to set the wattage between 15 and 25 watts to allow the coil to self-clean. But don’t let it sit for too long as you may risk frying your coil.


There is a reason this kit is called “Bad Ass.” With the Brain Fogger, you will get a dabbing tool in the box, a brand new heat sensitive air-flow-base, a user manual, a rubber tank protector, gold-plated 510 connectors, 1400 mAh VW/TC mod, 1 USB cable, a warranty card for any factory defect and, oddly enough, a gift box. For the price, this is quite a nice range of accessories.


The Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit is a mini powerhouse of functionality and aesthetics that raises the bar for all other devices. The vaping quality is excellent, as is the flavor produced. Using this atomizer with this mod is simple, and the control will be completely in your hands with the combination of the Brain Fogger and Target Mini Vape Mod.


Brain Fogger Target Mini Bad Ass Kit
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