Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review: Hands on Experience

The Firefly 2 is a slim and sleek vaporizer that is loaded with fantastic features, carrying a price tag of $329.95 USD. After testing the product for some time and using it regularly, here is a detailed review on our experience. Read on to find out more!

Firefly 2 vaporizer review

Best with: Dry Herb Price: $329.95

Firefly 2 and Cannabinoids


The Firefly2 is a Cannabinoid vaporizing device so it’s well worthwhile to think about the cannabinoids you’re vaporizing. This is important to think about, because it was the primary design consideration of the Firefly2 – that is, what is the absolute best design to taste the essential flavors and experience the cannabis plant? Let’s talk about cannabinoids first and then go in to why this vaporizer is best of class for delivering the flavor and experience.

113 Cannabinoids and 140 Terpenes have been identified and characterized to date. Cannabis connoisseurs know flavors from strains like a wine sommelier knows what grapes make up the flavor of a wine. When cannabis has been properly cured, the connoisseur fills their vaporizer, sets it 160C, and takes a deep breath of fresh piney terpene and cannabinoid flavor.

How well that flavor is delivered is dependent on the vaporizer getting the temperature just right – it’s what makes the difference between a good vaporizer and great vaporizer. With proper temperature settings, you experience the full flavor profile of the terpenes and slight taste of hash… A recipe for satisfaction.

THC and CBD vaporize from 157C˚ (315F˚) and 180˚C (356F˚). This means that temperatures over this range aren’t necessary to deliver the cannabinoid psychedelic experience.

However, if you really want to get the flavor out of your cannabis, you’ll need to take into account the boiling points (vaporization temperature), that will deliver all the terpenes at their respective boiling points:

Cannabinoid, Terpene, and flavinoid boiling points

Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids boiling points.

So  why have we reviewed the boiling points of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids? Because those numbers are exactly what Fire Fly’s designers and engineers kept in mind while developing the Fire Fly 2. The engineers at Firefly took these values to heart, and created a device that heats proportionally to take advantage of these boiling points.

The sweet spot, on high heat is no more than 200C˚ or 395F˚. I tested this with an Digital IR Themometer, and sure enough, this vaporizer keeps it in the sweet spot. You can be sure that you will vaporize almost all the cannabinoids at this temperature. A little known fact is that when smoking a joint, only 45% of the cannabinoids are actually combusted or consumed. At 200C˚, 77% of cannabinoids are vaporized. Considering the Firefly2’s temperature profile, careful consideration was given to the temperature delivery to ensure effectiveness of vaporization.

Let’s talk about the Firefly 2’s design, its feel, and its functions from the context of vaporizing cannabinoids and its derivatives.Firefly 2 Vaporizer Size


Firefly 2: Design and Feel


First off, the Firefly2 fits in my hand. You must acquit if the glove doesn’t…. Ooops – an analogy that doesn’t fit. Anyways, the device fits perfectly in my hand. You can feel the quality, although maybe it’s the shear mass that gives it the feel – it feels like I’m holding onto a bar of silver.

A feature that is also functional, is the way the Firefly2 opens. Almost like a magnetic Tupperware lid, the design makes it almost impossible to open up accidentally. With the lid off, the bowl sits exposed and is surrounded by a borosilicate mirror finish that’s easily cleaned.

The mouthpiece pulls out gently from the vaporizer, and exposes a small screen. The screen functions as a barrier from flower particles, preventing any pieces from landing in the back of your throat. It’s a very good design consideration… There’s nothing worse than a mouthful of plant material.

Open the battery cover to the sound of a small click, and you feel the quality like opening the door of a Mercedes Benz S-Class. The battery cover reveals a lithium ion battery and five stainless steel torx screws. I get the satisfied feeling that someone cared when they designed this. I close the battery case, again thinking of the Mercedes quality.


The way to control the quality of the experience is to control your breath. Long and slow draws give you the most flavorful experience. This is done best on low heat settings. Alternatively, increase the temperature and speed up the draw, and take in the hashy flavor.

This is where we get into the details that put the Firefly2 into high-quality territory. It was designed on a convection based technology – exactly what sets it apart from many of its competitors. In this system, the cannabis never gets heated from the surrounding surfaces. Instead, it is the heated air that pulls through the perforations in the bowl, that vaporizes the cannabinoids.

This design is what makes a difference in flavor. Instead of heating the cannabis by surrounding it with heat, which would release cannabinoids in the bowl, the cannabis is only vaporized by the hot air that is pulled through the bowl.

Let’s go to the bonus round for this design. Not only does the convection system efficiently vaporize cannabinoids, it also cools them before they hit the back of your throat. Many vaporizers on the market give you a direct shot of heat with every puff on the device. This is not the case with the Firefly 2. Its design prevents heat from hitting your throat.

We have the basis for the heating function, and how it works on convection (i.e. heat being pulled through the cannabis). But we also should consider the function of the temperature settings and how those settings apply to the heating element.

When you compare the engineering of the Firefly2 to other devices, the difference is amazing. Most devices work like a light switch – you may have different temperature settings, but the vaporizer is “on” of “off.” Not so with the Firefly2 – it has programmed algorithms that ensure you get a consistent draw on every puff. This blows away the competition’s “on-off” switch technology, and ties into the Firefly2’s temperature settings.

A lot can be said about the variable output heating. It literally customizes the way the cannabis is heated, based on how frequently the device is turned on, and the length of time its kept on. While many other vaporizers are of the “on-off” variety, or the “on” function until you turn it off,” the Firefly2 is an on-demand style vaporizer – it’s only on when you touch its customizable buttons.

Other Notable Features

The Firefly2 iPhone and Droid App

Speaking of buttons, the customizable features are all controlled through Bluetooth, using either Apple or Android devices. The Firefly2 app is super easy to use since it focuses on the power settings. You can change the heat from low to high, or set it to concentrates.

The App allows the user to “Power Tune” the device and customize the heating. If you really want a strong hit, this is where you can dial it in. Toss in one of the provided stainless steel oil pads, and you rip away on concentrates all day.

Firefly 2 and Concentrates

I love concentrates, and I’m a harsh critic on any device that claims vaporize cannabinoid oils. I like hydrocarbon extracts, such as shatter, live resin, and rosin. I tried all three in the Firefly2.

I always read the instruction manual before using a device. I’m glad I did, and you should read them too. They say to place a small amount of extract on the oil pad. I did as they said, and puffed to pull the sweet vapor through the device. The terpene-rich vapor of the live resin hit my palate, and I puffed it until it yielded no more vapor. Flavor heaven! So many other vaporizers have scorched my live resin, while the Firefly2 left it intact, giving a full profile of flavor.

There really aren’t many vaporizers that perform well with both flower and concentrates. The Firefly2 delivers on both.


The flavor you get out of the Firefly really starts with the design. Its borosilicate convection heating element delivers precise temperatures to the ground cannabis or concentrate, that are tailored to how you’re using the device. Leave it “on” for longer, and it will ramp down temperatures to compensate for the already heated materials. Puff on it for a shorter time, but with a deeper inhale, and it will compensate with more heat.

Ease of use comes up to the top of the charts. I’ve use a lot of vaporizers for cannabis, and almost all of them were messy when it came to loading and unloading them. It’s not a problem with the Firefly2, because of its Tupperware “like” lid. It’s easily cleaned with an alcohol wipe, or 99% Isopropyl alcohol, and doesn’t get gummed up with plant material.

The total control afforded by the Firefly2 App, gives you all the settings you need to vaporize almost any cannabinoid product currently on the market. You get both the low to high settings, with three settings in-between, and the concentrate setting that will get you set up for any type of concentrate.

The Firefly2 ships with a spare battery. I was happy to find this when I first opened the box, but I soon found out why it was included.


The firefly2 ships with a second battery because it drains quickly while vaporizing concentrates. I would rather not have a second battery, but if it means that I can use it all day, I’ll suffer the hassle. When it comes to vaporizing ground up cannabis, it can last a good part of the day on a single charge.

In reality, the battery draw needs to be accepted. It takes a huge amount of energy to get the borosilicate heating element to a temperature that will vaporize concentrates. While I was disappointed at first, I accepted the issue based on the consistent quality of the vapors coming out.

Final Words

The Firefly2 is a quality device. You can see it, you can feel it, and most importantly, you can taste it. This is a delicate balance. I can tell that there was serious consideration to the design and engineering, as though it came out of the laboratories of Apple… To be clear, it did – the head designer hails from Cupertino.

All that said, the price is in proportion to the quality. It’s a lot to pony up for a portable device, but if you like having quality gear, this is the one for you.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer
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