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Overall Performance: 95%

User Experience: 90%

Value for Money: 90%

Dry Herb and OilsPrice: $339

Our Verdict: One of the best portable vaporizers on the market today, the Crafty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel has it all: efficient, well-built, easy-to-use, portable, and most importantly: amazing vapor quality.

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First Impressions

Design: The Crafty is a highly functional vaporizer with big performance on tap. The device comes in black, with a ribbed exterior which has a very functional purpose: it helps to dissipate heat more efficiently to keep the outside of the device from getting hot for extended periods. The device looks like two tubes welded together with a solid base. A small mouthpiece extends from the device, looking like a small antenna. The discreet mouthpiece is excellent for stealthy vaping.

Build Quality: Many vapers mistake the Crafty as being made from metal because of how durable and strong the device feels in one’s hands. In actuality, the Crafty is made from high quality plastic which allows it to be both durable and resistant to scratches and dents.

The unit is ribbed for quick heat dissipation, keeping the Crafty from getting uncomfortably warm while it’s in your pocket. The battery compartment is separated from the heating chamber, which helps preserve the life of the battery and is a welcome feature. It’s clear that the manufacturing for the Crafty is done to a high standard; there is no rattling when the device is shaken, and all components including the mouthpiece feel very sturdy. The Crafty is a solid device that will surely last many years for even the most frequent vapers.

What’s in the Box: With the Crafty, users get one Crafty vaporizer, one mouthpiece, a liquid pad, three normal screens, one cleaning brush, one filling aid, a set of spare seal rings, a Storz & Bickel grinder, a power adapter with USB cable, and a user manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: The Crafty is a device that’s very to use, and part of the reason why is its single-button operation capability. Additionally, the Crafty can be controlled with a remote control app available in iOS and Android. The Crafty is the first of its kind to use smartphones, tablets or apps to give users more control over their vaporizer.

The app gives users the ability to set temperature, and other basic settings of the Crafty. Connection is made via Bluetooth and can control LED brightness, turn on/off vibration, and more. Once settings have been set, using the device is as simple as clicking a button.

Filling the unit is very easy as well. Users simply swivel the top part to expose the herb chamber, fill it up, then swivel it back. Once the top has been reattached, the power button is then held for about two seconds to turn the device on. The unit will then vibrate and the LEDs will flash. While the lights are red, the unit is heating up. When the Crafty has reached the desired temperature, the light will turn green and vibrate again to let users know it’s ready for use.

The Crafty’s default temperature is set to 356°F, and 383°F for its “temperature boost” mode. Both can be toggled by tapping the button twice. This gives users two temperature settings which may not seem like much, but by setting your personalized default temperature in the app, you now have a simple but powerful device tailored to your own temperature preferences.

The unit also has an auto shut-off feature that turns the device off after some time. While added as a battery saving feature, it can be a nuisance for long vaping sessions. However, the Crafty will vibrate to let you know when it’s about to auto shut-off, and a simple press of the power button will keep it on and ready.

Vapor Production and Performance: The Crafty’s vapor production is, frankly, world-class. The vapor is smooth, and very full with flavorful. Even at its default temperature, the device produced excellent amounts of vapor. The glass mouthpiece does not taint the flavor like other vaporizers can, and provides for a pure vape without any aftertaste.

Overall performance of the Crafty is very good. Even when taking long, strong draws, the vapor will remain smooth and tasty. At medium temperatures, there’s no hint of harshness. At the higher temps, harshness may be experienced, but only if the herb is over heated. Whether you like your vapor smooth or a little toasty, you have the option to set it to your exact personal preferences with the Crafty.

Battery Life and Atomizers: For its size, the Crafty gets very good battery life at about 1.5 hours on a full charge. Since the device shuts down after 60 seconds, users won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving the Crafty on and draining the power. The Crafty can last a full day of casual vaping for most people.

As mentioned earlier, the heating chamber is easy to fill. It can pack about 0.3 grams worth of herbs, enough to give users around 12 big draws. When used with smaller draws, this can be stretched to around 15 to 20, which is a great number for a portable vaporizer.

Even if you don’t grind your herbs to a very fine level, you can count on your herbs to be heated evenly in the Crafty. At the default temperature setting, you can expect the Crafty to take about 90 seconds to heat up and be ready for use.

The Crafty has two temperature modes, normal and boost. This can be toggled by tapping on the button twice. The set temperatures for both modes can be changed via the phone app, with temperature settings that can range from 104°F to 410°F. It’s an impressive range that will satisfy most vapers.


Additional Details

From portability to usability, performance to battery life, the Crafty does early everything well. Heating times could be slightly quicker, and the auto shut-off feature should have an option to be deactivated by the app. Despite these two minor inconveniences, the Crafty is an amazing vaporizer and receives our endorsement.

Users who value lasting build quality and massive vapor production should strongly consider the Crafty. The simplicity of the Crafty makes it a top choice for beginners, and the amount of power available in a portable package makes the Crafty popular with advanced users.

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Crafty Vaporizer
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