VaporFi Orbit Review

VaporFi Orbit

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Overall Performance: 90%

User Experience: 95%

Value for Money: 95%

Dry HerbPrice: $99.99

Our Verdict: The top vape pen in the market, VaporFi’s Orbit vaporizer exceeds expectations at a price that’s surprisingly affordable, given its build quality and performance.

First Impressions

VaporFi Orbit Box

Orbit Vaporizer Box

Design: Upon first opening the box, you’ll be greeted by a stylish, well-designed, minimalistic vape pen that is ready to be used.

There is only one button on the device, which is multi-purpose, with a small LED light below it.

The silicone mouthpiece is soft on the lips, preventing the user from getting burned.

This is unlike other vape pens that employ metal mouthpieces.

Build Quality: Well-built, solid, and with a reassuring heft to it, one wonders how VaporFi has managed such quality at an affordable price. This is one vaporizer you can rely on for many years.

What’s in the Box: Aside from the Orbit vaporizer, you also get:

– 1 USB Charging Cable
– 1 Cleaning Brush
– 5 Replaceable Mesh Filters
– 5 Silicone Mouthpiece Covers
– User manual

Vaping Experience


VaporFi Orbit Marijuana Vape Pen

Upon first use, preparing the Orbit may be a bit more complicated than other vape pens. With practice, the user will become accustomed to the preparation process.

The cover is pressed down on the orbit for filling. The user then fills the orbit and replaces the cover. Once the cover is clicked into place, the unit is turned on by pressing the power button five times in quick succession.

Once the unit is on, the LED will turn red. When the button is pressed and held for an additional three seconds, the LED light turns green. Pressing and holding again will turn the light blue. These color changes mean that the Orbit is changing temperatures, with red at its lowest setting (around 360°F), green at medium (around 380°F), and blue at its highest setting (around 420°F).

To avoid burning the herbs, it is best to fire up the Orbit at its highest setting first, then work your way down to the lowest setting. This also reduces heat-up time to less than a minute, which is impressive for a vape pen.

The silicone mouthpiece protects the user’s lips from the high temperatures by absorbing the heat, producing a nice, pleasant vape that won’t burn one’s lips.

Vapor Production and Performance: For its size, one will be pleasantly surprised at the power and vapor production such a small unit can produce. In fact, many users swear that the Orbit produces the best vapor among all other vape pens, regardless of brand.

More importantly than the volume of vapor produced, is the quality. Here, the Orbit performs admirably, producing clean and crisp vapor that will satiate even the most discerning users.

The downside of the Orbit is that it is larger than other vape pens; however, it is still pocketable. Given its overall performance, this is a minor quirk at best. Also, operating it can be complex with just one button to work with.

For the price, the VaporFi Orbit comes highly recommended by many users. The power, portability, ease of use, striking design, and vapor quality/production, are unmatched by other vape pens. The build quality is superb and users should get a good couple of years of use.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Battery life on the Orbit is superb. The added bulk means a bigger battery, thus equaling longer life. It is also well-suited for group vaping, because it can handle a number of hits without overheating. The added passthrough charging capability (which means you can continue using the Orbit while it is plugged into a charger) is also a plus, allowing for continuous vaping without the worry of the battery losing charge.

As for the chamber, while there are five mesh screen filters included in the box, in time, these will need to be replaced. VaporFi sells packets of five for $4, which is inexpensive, considering how long a filter lasts. The filters are also easy to replace and clean; much easier than other vape pens that need a certain degree of wrangling.

The silicone mouthpiece can also be replaced. There are five included in the box. The silicone mouthpiece is easy to clean using a mild soap and running water.

Orbit Vape Pen Review Summary

The VaporFi Orbit is one of the best vape pens around. While complex to use at first, users quickly overcome any initial difficulties with use. It is also larger than other vape pens. The added heft serves as a reminder of its build quality.

This vape pen cannot be used to vaporize wax or oil concentrates, but for medical marijuana users, it is perfect. For users who prefer wax or oil concentrates over dry herb, the Orbit is not the best option.

You won’t find a better vape pen in its price range than the VaporFi Orbit Vaporizer. Design, performance and portability make it well worth the cost.

VaporFi Orbit
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