Mig Vapor Matrix Vape Pen Review

Mig Cigs Matrix Vape Pen Review

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Overall Performance: 95%

User Experience: 92%

Value for Money: 97%

Oil, Wax, Dry HerbPrice: $149.99

Our Verdict: A portable and versatile device that performs as well as other more expensive vaporizers, the MigVapor Matrix Ceramic Vape Pen is our top rated device and is nearly perfect.

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First Impressions
Mig Vapor Matrix Vaporizer


Design: Upon opening the box, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how stylish and compact the Matrix is. As for the buttons, inferior devices sometimes skimp on quality, but the Matrix delivers with buttons that have a good tactile feel that click with authority.

Build Quality: Solidly built, users will appreciate the heft for such a small device, even though it’s made of plastic. The Matrix looks like it could take a beating and is capable of giving you years of dependable service.

What is in the Box: For what it’s worth, you get a lot of accessories aside from the Matrix Ceramix Vape Pen itself. Included inside the box are a wall charger, one USB adapter, four extra mesh, four silicone mouthpieces, one cleaning brush, one dabbing tool, one wax chamber, one pack of oil wicks, a pair of tweezers (to remove the wax chamber), and a manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: The Matrix Ceramic Vape Pen is a versatile device. Aside from its ability to vaporize dry herb, it can also use wax and oil by way of a special attachment that fits into the main chamber. A removal tool is also included for easy cleaning. Equipped with a digital OLED display, the Matrix gives users a clear and easy view of important settings like battery life and temperature levels. Despite its many features, the Matrix is surprisingly easy to use with an intuitive interface that only takes a few minutes to master.

Temperature can be controlled from 300° F to 435° F with more 135 settings, and heating time is a quick 30 seconds. If you prefer to go metric, the Matrix can be set to show the temperature in degrees Celsius as well. There is also a five-click on/off safety feature so you won’t accidentally fire the Matrix while inside your pocket or purse. Armed with Smart Memory Technology, the device remembers your last temperature setting so you won’t have to adjust it every time you turn it on.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor production is excellent, especially since you control the power. If you think you could use more vapor, all you need to do is raise the temperature. If the temperature gets too hot, resulting in a burnt taste, a few clicks to reduce the heat is all it takes. The overall performance of the Matrix far exceeds one’s expectations from such a small device. While bigger vaporizers outperform it, the versatility, portability, and cost give the Matrix an edge over more expensive portable vaporizers.

Battery life and Atomizers: The Matrix has a robust battery, capable of giving up to eight hours of usage. It is charged using a micro USB cable so that you can charge anywhere there’s a USB port. The decision by MigVapor to use ceramic chambers is a sound one, since ceramic allows for a cleaner, more even vape. The inclusion of a wax and oil concentrate attachment only adds value to an already feature-rich device.

Additional Details

Vaporizers come in three basic types, with vape pens generally considered the weakest of the bunch. Compared to desktop and portable vaporizers, pens usually sacrifice power for portability. However, despite being classified as a vape pen, the Matrix performs just as well as more expensive portable vaporizers. The MigVapor Matrix Ceramic Vape Pen is absolutely worth it, offering portability, power and versatility for $149.99. Other vape pens may be cheaper, but they lack power and versatility. More powerful portable vaporizers may equal – even exceed in some cases – the Matrix’s performance, but the added weight, size, and significant price increase makes it hard to justify the price difference.

A perfect compromise, the Matrix Ceramic Vape Pen is well worth the cost, and one every medical marijuana user – be it dry herb, oil, or wax concentrate – should have, or at least try. If you are a medical marijuana user, no doubt you do so to improve your health. But inhaling smoke from a lighted joint or pipe is counter to the health benefits it offers. By using a vaporizer pen, you not only get to administer your medication wherever you go, but also get the health benefits without harmful side effects.

The MigVapor Matrix Ceramic Vape Pen is one of the best purchases you can make without sacrificing portability for power.

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Mig Cigs Matrix Vaporizer
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