Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

Pinnacle Pro review

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Overall Performance: 95%

User Experience: 90%

Value for Money: 90%

Dry Herb, Oil, WaxPrice: $199,99

Our Verdict: The smallest portable vaporizer on the market, the Pinnacle Pro performs well with both dry herb and oil. Priced a little on the high side, the Pinnacle Pro makes up for it with its versatility and portability.

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First Impressions
pinnacle review

Design: Smaller than other portable vaporizers, the Pinnacle Pro is only beaten in size by vape pens. About five inches long and an inch wide, the device easily fits in one’s pocket. The black color also adds to its stealthy profile.

The design can be described as minimalistic, because most features are hidden and out of the way. It may look simple on the outside, but make no mistake; the Pinnacle Pro can do a lot of things for its size.

Build Quality: While the design is impressive, the overall build quality is lacking. It is a well-made device, though it doesn’t measure up to the build quality of other vaporizers in its price range.

What’s in the Box: For the money, aside from the Pinnacle Pro vaporizer, you also get one wall charger, one filling canister, one oil canister, one non-flavor tip, one mouthpiece, one cleaning tool, one stand, and one user manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: What makes the Pinnacle Pro a vaporizer worth getting is its versatility in using dry herb, wax, or oil. Other vaporizers can only do one or the other. And for the rare few that can use all three, most don’t perform as well.

Additionally, the Pinnacle Pro doesn’t require the user to switch out tanks or chambers to make it work. There is only one multi-use chamber where one puts in the herbs, wax, or oil. Simple, yet effective, this is one feature all vaporizers should have.

There is also a series of LED lights on the side of the device that show how much battery is left. This feature is activated when the power button is pressed and held for a few seconds. Five lights mean the device is fully charged, while one light means the device needs to be recharged soon.

Cleaning the Pinnacle Pro is also very quick and easy. One takes out the filling chamber and mouthpiece, then swabs out both to remove any particles or residue. It only takes a few seconds to do so, and it ensures that the taste of the vapor stays pure.

Vapor Production and Performance: The vapor production off the Pinnacle Pro is good, whether dry herb, wax, or oil is used. Though clouds are not as massive as other portable vaporizers, the vapor here is decent, and more importantly, tastes clean and pure, because of the ceramic chamber.

Vapor is produced via convection, which means the heating element needs physical contact with the ingredients. Oil and herb are placed on a mesh, which is then heated by the heating chamber. Everything heats up fast, giving users a quick vape any time they want it.

The mouthpiece can also get hot pretty fast, so it’s best to pace yourself when taking draws. Also, it’s better to turn the heat down just enough to keep the mouthpiece from getting too hot, which still ensures the ingredients are effectively vaporized.

Long and slow inhales are also recommended, because the extra heat from the chamber can give users harsh throat hits.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Battery life is not great, but it is good enough. The Pinnacle Pro can give users 40 minutes of vaping at the highest setting on a single charge. On lower settings, it can last about an hour’s worth of vape time.

As mentioned, the mouthpiece can heat up quickly. This is because the heating chamber is located next to it. This is also the reason why the Pinnacle Pro gives a great vape every time. While some users prefer a warm vape, others may not, so upon first trying out the Pinnacle Pro, don’t set the temperature too high. It is best to start slow and work your way up until the perfect temperature setting is found.


Additional Details

The Pinnacle Pro is a step above other similarly specced vaporizers. It heats up quick, gives a clean and pure taste, and is able to use dry herb, oil, or wax effectively.

Though there are better vaporizers on the market, not all can give the same quality vape as the Pinnacle Pro. Also, it’s hard to find anything else that gives users as much versatility in such a discreet package.

Vapor can be too hot for some, but if one can get used to that, the Pinnacle Pro is a good buy. While the price is a little on the high side, performance, versatility, and portability make up for it.

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Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer
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