Firefly Vaporizer Review

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Overall Performance: 95%

User Experience: 90%

Value for Money: 80%

Dry Herb + Concetrates (Pad is required)Price: $269,95

Our Verdict: Portable, easy to use, and powerful, the Firefly is a fantastic vaporizer, enough so to make it one of the top portable vaporizers on the market today.

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First Impressions

Design: Looking more like a phone than a vaporizer, the Firefly has round edges with a sleek overall profile. The height of the device is about the same as a modern smartphone, but with half the width. Its modern design matches up to many high-tech devices out there, and its simple interface means less buttons for the user to fiddle around with.

Build Quality: The Firefly is as well-built as it is well-designed. Less moving parts mean fewer parts to break. The solid build quality gives the device some heft to it, giving users a feeling of quality in the hand.

What’s in the Box: Together with the Firefly Vaporizer, you also get a charging adapter, a carrying bag, a cleaning kit, and a quick start guide.

Vaping Experience

Usability: The Firefly is simple to use. The magnetized herb chamber means one doesn’t have to snap or unscrew anything; just slip it off and load. Once filled, the chamber is slipped back on. After the lid has been closed, one can then turn the power on.

To activate the heating chamber, there is a heat button that needs to be held down. Heat is near-instantaneous, though it is recommended that the button be pressed and held a little bit longer to produce more vapor. When heating up, the glass bowl glows to a bright red, which is where the vaporizer gets its name.

When the button is released, the device cuts off the heat. This prevents your herbs from burning. By pressing the button only when inhaling, users are ensured a pleasant vape every time.

Cleaning the Firefly is also very easy. The chamber and lid are wide enough to make it easy to clean, more so than other vaporizers with narrower chambers.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor production of the Firefly is impressive. Though it produces vapor instantly, holding down the button to give the device a couple of seconds more to heat up will give users a much better vape.

The vapor produced is also clean and tasty, even when your herbs are running out. Consistent hits like these are rarely found in other portable vaporizers.

The Firefly’s performance makes it perfect for users who want instant hits anywhere at any time. Because the chamber is big enough for just about six draws, the device is clearly designed for quick hits, rather than long vaping sessions.

Battery Life and Atomizers: The battery life of the Firefly is decent, but only able to give up to an hour’s worth of vaping. The device has quick recharge times and is able to be fully recharged in about 45 minutes. Additionally, since the included battery is removable, one can purchase a spare when going on extended trips.

The heating chamber of the Firefly may be wide, but it is not as deep. This gives it a capacity that’s only good for about six or seven draws. Its efficiency is impressive and it is able to heat up instantly.

To maximize each draw, it is recommended to hold the heat button for a few seconds to allow the herb to be vaporized completely. Otherwise, one might inhale a draw of hot air instead of vapor. While not necessarily unpleasant, it is something to consider.


Additional Details

Compact, fast heating, easy-to-use, and capable of great tasting quality vapor, it’s easy to see how the Firefly rose up to become one of the top vaporizers in its price range.

The herb chamber may be a bit limiting, and users who need a device for marathon vaping sessions should look elsewhere. For those who need a quick, on-the-go vaporizer that’s portable and can produce vapor instantly, the Firefly is the best device your money can buy.

Pound-for-pound, the Firefly is the best portable vaporizer in the market today and is one device every user should consider.

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Firefly Vaporizer
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