The Volcano Classic Review

The Volcano Classic Review


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Overall Performance: 100%

User Experience: 95%

Value for Money: 85%

Dry Herb, OilPrice: $479

Our Verdict: The Volcano Classic is the absolute best vaporizer, bar none. It is an advanced unit for advanced vapers. Its price may be high, but its overall quality is well worth the cost.

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First Impressions

volcano vaporizer review

Design: The Volcano Classic, with its pyramid shape, is built to be stable and easy to use. The added weight of its stainless steel material gives it added stability to avoid accidental tip-overs. The cone on top of the device is where the balloons and tubes are attached, a simple and elegant solution that is both practical and intuitive.

Build Quality: A product of German engineering, the Volcano Classic is built to last. There are no plastic parts anywhere; only steel and other high-grade materials. It comes with a three-year warranty, but it will definitely outlast the warranty.

What’s in the Box: Included with the Volcano Classic is one herbal filling chamber, one balloon set (either solid or easy valve), one normal screen set, one air filter set, one liquid pad, one cleaning brush, one herbal grinder, and one instruction manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: The Volcano is easy to use, but given the multiple ways one can use it, it may take some getting used to. To start, users press the heat button to turn the unit on, which turns the light red. It takes about three to five minutes for the unit to heat up, depending on the temperature settings. Once heat has reached the set temperature, the light will turn blue.

Temperature is controlled via a knob, and is pretty accurate. Though the digital version is more exact, the Volcano Classic comes close.

While the unit heats up, users can prepare their herbs or oils for vaporizing. There are two ways to inhale vapor with the Volcano: the balloon method and the whip method.

With the balloon method, one needs to remove the top of the device to insert the herb chamber. The valve and balloon is then attached. Once the balloon is filled, it is taken off and a mouthpiece is attached to the valve. The balloon shouldn’t be filled with too much vapor or it will burst. To stop a balloon from filling, users can press the green temperature button.

It is important to note that after filling a balloon, or if taking a break, it’s recommended that the user remove the chamber. If this is not done, the remaining herbs or oils inside could burn. The Volcano itself doesn’t need to be turned off, though the fan should be shut down and the herbs removed.

When using the whip method, users need to first purchase one from a third-party manufacturer, because the Volcano doesn’t include one.
Vapor isn’t very good using a whip, but it does provide users a more personalized experience, as well as greater control over the amount of vapor the ingredients produce.

The Volcano can accommodate up to four whips for group vape sessions. The device is activated the same way; however, the whips are installed at the valve on the top of the unit. The herb chamber doesn’t have to be removed using this method.

Vapor Production and Performance: When it comes to vapor production and quality, nothing comes close to the Volcano. Though vapor quality depends on the ingredients used, how you grind it, and what settings you use, if one plans to maximize their ingredients, the Volcano is the device to use.

A huge factor in the Volcano’s massive vapor production is in its design. The large heating area causes the heat to spread, thus resulting in an even vaporization. One reason for the Volcano’s higher cost is the consistency and quality of the vape.

The even spread of heat also means less chances of combustion. The whole point of vaporizers is to avoid the harmful effects of smoke, and in this, the Volcano does well. Of course, if low-quality ingredients are used and temperatures are set too high, ingredients will still burn. As long as the device is used within reason, this will be a rare occurrence.

Battery Life and Atomizers: As a desktop vaporizer, the Volcano does not rely on batteries for power. Instead, a power cord is used. Designed for home use, the Volcano is perfect for long vaping sessions without having to worry about power.

The heating element of the Volcano is highly efficient and heats ingredients evenly. When starting out, always use a lower temperature first, adjusting accordingly for taste. This lowers the risk of combustion or burning through ingredients too quickly. Once the perfect setting is found, stick with it unless the situation calls for additional adjustments.

Also, do not leave the device on for long periods of time. Always make sure it is turned off after each vaping session or during long breaks. Though the Volcano can take a lot of abuse, leaving it on for a long time can wear down the system prematurely.


Additional Details

The Volcano is the best vaporizer out there, no matter the type you are comparing it to. Its solid build, high quality vapor, ease of use, and overall performance puts the Volcano well above other vaporizers of any class.

Users can buy cheaper alternatives, but none can offer the same performance and quality as the Volcano. You get what you pay for, and for this device, the extra money spent is worth it.

For users who are looking for a vaporizer that performs consistently for years to come, the Volcano is definitely worth saving up for.

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The Volcano Classic Vaporizer
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