Plenty Vaporizer Review

Plenty Vaporizer Review


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Overall Performance: 95%

User Experience: 75%

Value for Money: 75%

Dry Herb, OilPrice: $299

Our Verdict: A small, handheld desktop vaporizer, the Plenty Vaporizer lives up to its name by producing massive clouds of quality vapor. It performs well, though usability and price bring it down a notch.

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First Impressions



Design: With its black and orange color scheme, the Plenty Vaporizer looks more like a power tool than a vaporizer. Its overall design is far from what other desktop vaporizers look like, though it is smaller than most. The interface is not user-friendly and it takes more effort to use than others.

Build Quality: Storz & Bickel is known for the quality of its products, and the Plenty Vaporizer continues that tradition. Build quality is excellent and is made from high-grade plastic and materials. The whip is made of metal, as opposed to other manufacturers that provide plastic ones. Overall, the Plenty Vaporizer looks like it could take a beating and will likely last for years; certainly longer than the standard three-year warranty that comes with it.

What’s in the Box: Apart from the vaporizer itself, users also get one filling chamber, one mouthpiece, one cooling coil, three normal screens, one liquid pad, two short tubing sections, two long tubing sections, one cleaning brush, a Storz & Bickel Grinder, and a user manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: The Plenty Vaporizer starts to heat up as soon as the power button is pressed and the temperature is set. Heat cannot be controlled precisely, but instead is set through seven pre-determined settings. Users are advised to start low first then work their way up until the preferred setting is found. Heat can be set up to 395°F, which can make the unit quite hot to handle.

Unlike other desktop vaporizers, the Plenty is handheld. It is more like an oversized portable vaporizer than a desktop vaporizer. That being said, the vaporizer is unable to sustain the set temperature for long.

The trigger needs to be pulled during inhaling to bring the temperature back up. Where other desktop vaporizers can be left on while in use, the Plenty needs to be held while the vaporizer heats up or activated for a draw.

Vapor Production and Performance: When it comes to vapor production, the Plenty lives up to its name. Massive vapor is produced, and one might be inclined to think that the ingredients are being combusted rather than vaporized. Additionally, the metal whip allows the vapor to cool down before it reaches your mouth for a cool and pleasant vape.

After some use, the metal whip can get hot, especially near the unit’s base where it is attached, so be careful not to touch that area after extended vaping sessions.

The Plenty heats up in about three minutes, which is decent for its size. Despite some usability issues, its overall performance is excellent and rivals that of larger, more expensive vaporizers.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Although the Plenty Vaporizer is handheld, it is powered via a cord instead of batteries. Power concerns are not an issue here as the vaporizer will perform flawlessly for the duration of a vaping session, no matter how long.

The internal heating unit is very powerful. Because the Plenty is smaller than most desktop vaporizers, the bulk of the unit is composed of the heating element. This can lead to the unit getting a bit hot after long sessions, but as long as it is held properly, you won’t get burned. There are warning labels that inform you which areas not to touch.

The heating chamber is wide enough to allow for even heating of the ingredients. This ensures that the herb or oil is heated thoroughly, without the need for shaking or stirring. The resulting vapor is thick and fragrant and is almost double the amount of most other vaporizers.


Additional Details

When it comes to vapor production, the Plenty Vaporizer is only matched by the more expensive Volcano. Not surprising, given that both are made by the same manufacturer. Think of the Plenty Vaporizer as a smaller, more affordable Volcano and you’ll have an idea of how it performs.

Usability issues mar Plenty Vaporizer’s impeccable performance. Having to hold the vaporizer the whole time during use is contrary to what desktop vaporizers are all about, which is convenience. Holding the unit while it heats up can be a literal pain.

In terms of vapor production and quality, the Plenty Vaporizer is amazing. If one can look past the usability issues, users can be assured of getting the perfect vape every time.

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Plenty Vaporizer
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