Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

Herbalizer Review


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Overall Performance: 95%

User Experience: 95%

Value for Money: 85%

Dry Herb, Oil, WaxPrice: $729

Our Verdict: A luxury vaporizer that does everything well, the Herbalizer is a legitimate contender to be the top vaporizer in the market.

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First Impressions


Design: Looking more like an Apple device than a vaporizer, the Herbalizer is sleek and modern in design. Shaped like an oval waffle iron, many casual observers might mistake it as such, rather than a vaporizer.

Build Quality: Marketed as a US-made device designed by former NASA employees, one would expect the build quality to be able to withstand the rigors of space. While the Herbalizer is well-made and built to last, it has some parts that feel cheap. Some pieces don’t fit perfectly, falling short of NASA-specced expectations.

What’s in the Box: When one purchases the Herbalizer, users also get four SqueezeValve Balloons, one silicone tubing, one mouthpiece, one magnetic bowl, one stash box, one grinder card, one 2ml DeFunk Essential Oil, two aroma pads, two spare bowl screens, one VaporTherapy heal blend, one cleaning brush, one power cord, and a quick start guide.

Vaping Experience

Usability: Getting started with the Herbalizer is quick and easy. Opening the clamshell turns the unit on automatically. Inside you’ll see two trays. One is used for aromatherapy and the other for vaping.

In aromatherapy mode, wax or oils are dabbed onto a small pad that is placed in front of the fan. After setting the runtime, the device will activate, shutting off after the runtime has ended.

In vape mode, instead of runtime, one sets the heat level. Able to go up to 445°F, the device can vaporize most anything that is put in it. From here, users choose whether to vape by filling a balloon, attaching a whip for direct draws, or via freestyle mode.

Freestyle mode is done by letting the machine release vapor as it produces it, filling the room up; however, this can be a waste of ingredients. This method should only be used if the user does not want to handle any balloons or whips.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor production from the Herbalizer is great with clean and pure-tasting vapor. A single bowl of herbs can last a number of draws, and since the base of the unit is wide, heat is spread evenly. So long as the heat level isn’t set too high and left on for a long time, users won’t get any burnt tastes. Also, the whips included are made from high quality materials that don’t alter the taste of the vapor.

Even with oil or waxes, the device vapes well. The aromatherapy function works as advertised and was not added as a gimmick. It’s great for removing the smell of vapor after a long session.

During use, the Herbalizer is very quiet. The fan noise at its highest setting is quieter than the noise from other vaporizers at their lowest setting.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Being a desktop vaporizer, the Herbalizer uses a power cord to draw its power instead of batteries. This makes it perfect for long vaping sessions without worrying about battery life.

The heating element is very fast for a desktop vaporizer, with it being able to heat from room temperature to 380°F in about five seconds. Desktop vaporizers are notoriously slow when it comes to heat-up times, which makes the Herbalizer’s performance all the more impressive.


Additional Details

There’s a lot to love about the Herbalizer, though the build quality could be a lot better, given its price point. Stylish, easy to use, quiet, and with impressive vapor quality from herbs, oil, or wax, the Herbalizer does it all.

The only downside, and probably the main reason why a lot of users still don’t have one, is the Herbalizer’s price at $729. Users can have a Volcano Classic for hundreds less. While the Herbalizer does outperform the Volcano, the difference in price may be a deterrent for many.

For users who are looking for the best, modern vaporizer with a flawless performance, the Herbalizer deserves a look. It’s a bit pricey, but worth it if you have the money to spare. This device will keep you satisfied for years to come.

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Herbalizer Vaporizer
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