Arizer Extreme Q Review

Arizer Extreme Q Review


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Overall Performance: 95%

User Experience: 90%

Value for Money: 95%

Dry HerbPrice: $239.00

Our Verdict: While the Volcano performs better, the Arizer Extreme Q comes close. With its much more affordable price, the Extreme Q is the best desktop vaporizer for your money.

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First Impressions



Design: Looking a lot like a coffeemaker, with its flat base and tapered cylindrical body, the only thing that betrays the Arizer Extreme Q as a vaporizer is the whip attached to the top. Modern looking and elegant, this vaporizer will look great in any home. Ceramic heating elements make for cleaner tasting vapor. Its glass parts have both benefits and drawbacks.

Build Quality: Overall, the Arizer Extreme Q is solidly built; however, it does contain glass parts, which can break if dropped. These glass parts need regular cleaning, so extra care should be taken when handling.

What’s in the Box: Included in every Extreme Q package, aside from the vaporizer itself, are a slew of accessories, including one remote control, two vapor balloon kits, two whip mouthpieces, two balloon mouthpieces, one whip, one potpourri dish, two cyclone bowls, two screen packs, one glass stir tool, one power cord, and an instruction manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: Using the Arizer Extreme Q is simple. Before turning it on, herbs should be put in the bowl and then should be put over the heating element. The whip or balloon is attached next. Once all these are set, users turn the device on and start adjusting the temperature. As with all vaporizers, always start at a low temperature, adjusting accordingly until the preferred vape has been set.

Fan speed can also be adjusted. This adjusts the vapor density, where a slower fan speed results in thicker vapor. Controls are highly intuitive and temperature can be set precisely.

For added ease of use, a remote control is included so that users can control the device while it is heating up. This can be useful for users who need to do something in a different place while the unit is heating.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor production of the Arizer Extreme Q is excellent. Users can control the density through the fan’s power, which is extremely quiet, and the quality is amazing. Because of the ceramic heating chamber and the glass parts, vapor comes out pure and tasty. Cleaning out the glass parts can be tricky, because they can easily break. It’s a small price to pay for high-quality vapor.

For the price, you get a vaporizer that performs just as well as other “high-end” vaporizers for a fraction of the cost. Users also get all the accessories one will need to start vaping.

The included bags, however, don’t have any valves attached. Filling them with vapor would mean closing off the bottom yourself, but this is just a minor quirk, possibly included to save some money.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Being a desktop vaporizer, the Arizer Extreme Q does not need any batteries to power it. Instead, it is plugged in using the included power cord. Users won’t have to worry about limited battery life.

The heating element is made of ceramic, which contributes to the clean and pure taste of the vapor. The device heats up in about 3 minutes, which is decent for a desktop vaporizer. Temperature and fan speed controls are easy to use and they are precise.


Additional Details

Though the Arizer Extreme Q only works with herbs, this isn’t much of a problem since dry herb is the preferred ingredient for many users. For those who need a vaporizer that’s able to vaporize oil and wax, they either have to spend more, or sacrifice reduced vapor quality.

Other desktop vaporizers may perform better, but for the price, the Arizer Extreme Q is hard to beat. This device is also great for beginners because of its ease of use and affordable price.

Glass parts may be fragile, and the bags may not have valves, but these are minor problems. The performance to price ratio of the Arizer Extreme Q gives it great value for beginner and advanced users alike.

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Arizer Extreme Q
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