Ascent Vaporizer Review

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Overall Performance: 95%

User Experience: 90%

Value for Money: 90%

Dry Herb + WaxPrice: $199

Our Verdict: The Ascent Vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers for multiple mediums today. It is portable and powerful with advanced features for optimal pleasure from advanced vaping. With very few minor issues, the Ascent is truly an excellent vape for those who need clouds of vapor with the right hit and flavor.

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First Impressions

Design: At first sight, the Ascent Vaporizer can be compared to an electric razor—compact and small. DaVinci offers five color/design varieties, and the option to customize your kit’s look. As for the Stealth Bundle, the overall black finish makes it elegant and bold. The center is covered with rubberized plastic, something that makes it easy to grip and hold. The rest is aluminum.

At a price that is lower than its competitors, the Ascent looks significantly premium, like something that would function in top shape for years.

Build Quality: The buttons are also made of rubber and do not feel like they would come off anytime like flimsy vaporizers out there. Every little part of the Ascent fits very well into the body. Nothing is loose and wiggly, and anyone who knows what a durable build is would adore how the Ascent feels intact and resilient.

The stem and screen are all made of durable glass, but like any other glass, it can crack and break with too much force. Nonetheless, the stem has a nice and snug fit that keeps it in place and prevents unintentional pop outs.

Despite its size, the Ascent has a considerable weight that adds to its durable build. When carried around in your hand or pocket, you will feel its presence and have a feeling of security regarding its strength.

What’s in the Box: The Ascent Stealth Bundle includes one Stealth Ascent Vaporizer, two glass mouthpiece stems, two glass internal stems, two glass oil jars, one 110-240v wall charger, and one carrying satchel. For a limited time, they also include a free car charger and 18mm U-Water tool adapter.

Vaping Experience

Usability: DaVinci made this efficient vaporizer a one-button operation kit so that even the newest vapers will enjoy its advanced features. Of course, to make use of its variable temperature feature, it must be configured by using the + and – buttons. Heating time is approximately 45 seconds depending on the desired temperature.

One of its primary features allows the user to set three different temperatures within their preferred intervals. The device starts at your preferred temperature and automatically adjusts to the next after a particular period.

Once all three temperatures have been used for the set period, the Ascent automatically shuts off to give way to your regular vaping break. The auto-shut off timeout can also be adjusted to meet your particular predilection.

Cleaning and maintenance are mediocre—not complicated, but would require some effort. Dry herbs will need cleaning every 4-6 rounds of vaping while oil concentrates tend to spill when the unit is not held upright when the ceramic bowl is opened.

Vapor Production and Performance: The quality of vapor produced by the Ascent Vaporizer is excellently thick, although it falls a little bit short compared to the more pricey competitors. The taste is clean and remarkable, which can mostly be attributed to the glass on glass vapor path and precise temperature control. When used with medical marijuana, this portable vaporizer creates the purest vapor that functions as it is expected.

DaVinci introduced the three-temperature cycle that enables the vaper to experience gradual increase or decrease in heating levels that, in turn, allows them to find the most suitable setting. Once they arrive at one particular temperature that is capable of creating the vapor of their liking, they can leave the device at that temperature before shutting it off. The Ascent will instantly heat up to that temperature when it is used again.

If you are not used to setting your temperatures in Fahrenheit, simply hold the settings button for five seconds to switch to Celsius. The glass lined ceramic bowl holds up to 0.3 g of dry herbs, which is substantial enough to get you vaping a few rounds.

Battery Life and Atomizers: The battery life of the Ascent Vaporizer is considered as one of the best and most impressive among its kind. For a portable vaporizer that is priced lower than other brands, the Ascent has gained a point above its competitors because of its two lithium ion batteries. When the device is in use, the battery life lasts for an hour to an hour and a half. This accounts for heavy and continuous vaping.

However, one drawback on this powerful portable vaporizer is the charging time. On average, it will take you around five hours to get a fully charged device, which is more than double the length of time that you can use it for its purpose. Then again, it is a pass-through vaporizer, which means it can be used while charging.


Additional Details

Aside from the limited offer on freebies that come with the Ascent Vaporizer, DaVinci also has free shipping services to the US, Canada, and Europe. Their products have a two-year limited warranty, except for accessories.

The Ascent Vaporizer is available in Stealth, Carbon Fiber, Burl Wood, Croc Skin, Black Skulls, and customized designs. The freebies are not available for customized designs.

The quality and design of the Ascent Vaporizer is top notch and matches the advanced features packed in such a portable vaping device. Some find the Ascent better with oil while others find it more suitable for herbs. Either way, vapor production is first-rate, with full and clean flavors that are drawn out of the material via an all-glass chamber.

As for vaping, the user can choose to take draws from the glass stem or the rim. This, we believe, was intended by DaVinci to provide for a variety of resistance when inhaling your vapor. In line with this, the stem seems to be more appropriate for vaping oils, since it has more air that comes through and lets tiny particles of herb into your mouth if you inhale too hard.

There is no doubt DaVinci has made an exceptional vaporizer that not only works with multiple types of material but is also sleek, portable, compact and powerful. The temperature settings adjustments and functionality of the device, in general, is easy to master, which makes this a great kit for both beginners and advanced vapers.

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Ascent Vaporizer
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