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Overall Performance: 85%

User Experience: 80%

Value for Money: 80%

Dry HerbPrice: $259.99

Our Verdict: Stylish, portable, and extremely potent, the Arizer Air is a well-made vaporizer that’s light enough to take anywhere, while providing great performance. It’s priced a little high compared to similar devices, but its features and overall performance are well worth it.

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First Impressions
Arizer Air Vaporizer

Design: Coming in white, black or titanium colors, the Arizer Air is a beautiful device. It feels great in the hand and has a smooth finish. It’s a little light, but still feels solidly built, because of the manufacturer’s attention to detail. There is only one button on the device, which makes it less confusing to use. It’s small enough to use discreetly and even the stem is short, but it is also effective. A simple and elegant vaporizer, it’s hard not to love it at first sight.

Build Quality: Despite being made of plastic, the Arizer Air still exudes an air of quality. Built solidly with heat-resistant plastic, the device is light, but extremely durable. The heating element inside is made of ceramic, while the crucible that the stem attaches to is made of stainless steel. All the pieces, whether plastic, steel or otherwise, are well-machined and everything fits together perfectly. The stem may be the weakest part of the device, since it’s made of plastic, but it’s short enough to easily transport without breaking it. Still, one should still be careful when handling it.

What’s in the Box: Users who purchase an Arizer Air get one warming unit with battery, one charger, two glass diffuser stems, one glass aroma dish, one carrying case, one clear protective silicone skin, and one stainless steel stirring tool.

Vaping Experience

Usability: There are no instructions included in the box, but it doesn’t really matter, because the Arizer Air is very easy to use. There’s only one button on the device and it is used to both turn the unit on and off, as well as to adjust the temperature. Even if there is only one button, it does its job well and is able to control the device’s features perfectly.

There are five temperature settings that range from 356°F to 410°F. An LED lights up in different colors, depending on the temperature set: blue for 356°F, white for 374°F, green for 392°F, orange for 401°F, and red for 410°F. This range is very impressive for a unit this small. Heating times only take about a minute and a half, though this could be lower or higher, depending on the temperature set.

Loading the device with dry herb is also a stress-free ritual. One simply pulls the mouthpiece off and fills the bowl partition at the base of the mouthpiece with dry herb. Then, simply insert the mouthpiece back into the unit. What makes this method all the more great is that one does not have to handle the dry herb, thereby minimizing spillage and getting odor onto one’s fingers. All in all, the Arizer Air is a no-fuss unit that anyone can operate right away.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor quality from the device is excellent. The ceramic chamber gives a pure taste and it is efficient in heating herbs to produce a good amount of vapor. The glass stems preserve the flavor, as well, and while the mouthpiece is plastic, it doesn’t add any plastic flavor to the vapor. Additionally, though the stem is short, it still does a good job in cooling the vapor before it reaches the mouth.

The unit doesn’t hold its temperature as well as other units. If one were to take quick, successive puffs, the device blinks for a few seconds to signal that it is normalizing the temperature; however, the included sleeve helps in maintaining temperature.

Overall, despite some temperature issues, the Arizer Air’s performance is outstanding and users get a smooth, pleasant vape all the time.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Battery life on the device is good. At medium temperatures users can get about 50 minutes of vape times. Of course, overall battery life depends on the temperature set and how often one uses it. Since the included 18650 battery is removable, users can also bring along spare batteries to ensure continuous vaping times.

The heating chamber is made of ceramic, which makes for a vape that tastes clean and pure. Filling it is very easy, without having to handle the herb with fingers or using a packing tool. It is also very efficient, heating herbs in a minute and a half, give or take 30 seconds and depending on the temperature that is set.


Additional Details

All in all, the Arizer Air is a very capable vaporizer that’s discreet, easy to use, efficient, and capable of producing high quality vapor that’s smooth and pleasant.

While the build quality is impressive, users should avoid dropping the device, especially with the mouthpiece attached, because it is made of glass. When transporting the device, whether in a pocket or in a bag, always ensure that the glass mouthpiece is not attached and that it is instead stored safely to avoid breakage.

Holding its temperature can also be a problem, but as long as one doesn’t do quick puffs, it’s not really an issue. Besides, long, slow drags are always recommended when it comes to vaporizers. Additionally, the included silicone skin also helps in maintaining the temperature.

For medical marijuana users who are looking for a stylish, well-made, extremely easy-to-use vaporizer that works very well, one can’t go wrong with the Arizer Air. Being able to swap out batteries is also a plus, especially if users plan to go on extended trips.

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Arizer Air
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