Alfa Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Alfa by Goboof is a small, lightweight, yet powerful vaporizer, that’s ideal for vaping dry herbs. It is very easy to use, comes with five different heat settings, and costs $199.00. After flirting with the vaporizer for a while, we have found how to get the best out of it, which we’ll share with you shortly. So, read on this quick review as we explore all the pros and cons of Alfa vaporizer.

Alfa by Goboof Vaporizer

 Best with Dry HerbPrice: $199Review Score: 87/100
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Alfa Dry Herb Vape: Design and Performance

Alfa vaporizer by Goboof has a minimalist design with just a few external parts: a silicone rubber mouthpiece, a heat settings dial, and a herb chamber at the bottom with a flip top. It is a very compact gadget, which makes it easy to hold in your hand. It’s also very lightweight, so we can assume that it’s not very sturdy.

Alfa vape and dry herbWhile the vaporizer might look just like any other vaporizer on the market, it is the herb chamber that makes it unique. It has an additional pin, right in the middle of the oven which is not very common. In fact, I remember I have seen only two other vaporizers: Whisper Vape and Iolite Vaporizer that had a similar herb chamber. The pin has twofold benefits: firstly, it makes sure that the herbs stay in the right place and don’t move around when you shake the vaporizer; secondly, it generates heat right in the middle of the oven in addition to the heat coming from the sides, which makes sure you get an rich, smooth flavor. The pin, however, comes at the price of extra effort required to clean the chamber.

The performance of Alfa greatly depends on how well you use it. When you turn it on, it takes about 30 seconds to heat up. According to our experience, it gives the best flavor when used at LOW or MID heat, and gives a harsh, burnt taste at HI. Also, the more finely ground and tightly packed your herbs are, the better taste you’ll get. It offers the best taste if you take smaller puffs. For instance, if you puff on it for longer than eight seconds, you will not get as good a taste as you’ll get if you puff it for four to six seconds. You get a burnt taste probably because the oven and the pin generate too much heat if you take longer puffs.

Alfa Vaporizer: Temperature Setting

Alfa Vaporizer: Temperature Settings

It comes with two additional settings A/P (Auto for puff) and A/T (Auto for time). I personally enjoyed the best vapor at LOW and MID, and didn’t find the two auto settings very useful. As their names suggest, the settings change automatically according to your puffs or time. For example, A/P will increment heat by three degrees with every puff you take.

The vaporizer has a decent battery life, offering up to a little more than one hour of puffing, however, it takes very long for the battery to get fully charged i.e. about five hours. But the good thing is that you can vape while your vaporizer is charging. All in all, we were impressed by the performance of Alfa vaporizer.

What we loved about Alpha vaporizer

  • Elegant, compact, minimalist design
  • Easy to use
  • Unique oven with central heating pin ensures blends are vaporized evenly and quickly
  • Decent battery life, ease of use and quick heat up make it an ideal choice for vaping on the go
  • Five different heat settings
  • Reasonable price

Weaknesses of Alpha vaporizer

  • Hard to clean, though you won’t need to clean it too frequently
  • The battery takes pretty long to get fully charged
  • Requires extra caution when filling the chamber to avoid messiness
  • On HI, you get harsh vapor plus the mouthpiece gets pretty hot
  • Requires a non-USB charger

Final verdict

Despite a couple of tiny hassles attached to it, the Alfa vaporizer by Goboof is worth every cent. In fact, this tiny little gadget is on a par with the best and more expensive vaporizers in its class, thanks to the unique oven design. It’s not big, it’s not expensive and yet it offers more flexibility than most other portable vaporizers – making it an ideal choice for vaping on the go or even at home.

Alfa Vaporizer
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