Vaping Etiquette

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One of the good things about vaping is that it does not emit smoke, thus eliminating the foul smell smokers (and those around them) have to deal with. However, despite the lack of smell, this does not give vapers the license to vape anywhere, anytime.

Vaping may not be like smoking, but there are some rules of etiquette that must be followed. Otherwise, you would be giving vaping a bad name. That said, here are some pointers to become a more responsible vaper.

The Rules

Cloud Chase Responsibly

Chasing clouds has become a thing these days, especially since manufacturers have started producing sub-ohm tanks. These tanks make sub-ohm vaping readily available to new vapers, essentially turning any vaper into fog machines. However, while huge clouds of vapor may be satisfying to users, try to keep it to yourself. Chase clouds in the privacy of your home. Blowing massive clouds of vapor in public will only annoy non-smokers. Even some vapers get irritated when they see other users blow huge clouds in public. Don’t be that guy. Cloud chase in private and vape regularly in public.

Don’t Vape in Theaters

Wearing a hat in theaters has always been frowned upon for being a nuisance to others. The distraction it brings can be annoying. All the more when vapor starts rising from somewhere, obscuring the screen or stage. If you do not want someone to sit in front of you with a tall hat on, don’t vape and distract the person behind you. Even the lights on most e-cigs can be distracting. When in theaters, whatever you do, resist the urge to vape.

Don’t Vape Where Smoking is not Allowed

Even if vaping is relatively odorless, vaping where smoking is not permitted will only incur the wrath of non-smokers. Even if your e-cig or mod produces weak vapor compared to cloud chasers, the mere act of vaping in non-smoking areas can be disrespectful. Whether in a coffee shop, bathroom, mall, or school, be considerate and only vape in designated areas.

Don’t Preach

Some vapers act condescendingly to smokers, which can anger many people. Never act superior over smokers since you used to be one of them. At the same time, don’t start preaching about the benefits of vaping and act like a walking endorsement for the e-cig industry. It will only annoy people further and they will soon start avoiding you. Share information only when asked, even in social media. No one likes a know-it-all.

Pick Up After Yourself

E-cigs, whether vape pens or mods, have disposable parts. It can be in the form of spent cartridges, old e-liquid bottles, or pieces of wire and cotton. Whatever the waste from your vaping is, be sure to pick it up and dispose of it properly. Leaving detritus around the house can annoy your family. Also, cartridges and e-liquid bottles have nicotine in them, which can threaten the health and safety or your kids and pets. When not in use, keep your vaping gear stored in a safe place as well to avoid accidents.

Don’t Blow Vapor in Someone’s Face

No matter who you are with – smoker, non-smoker, or vaper – never blow vapor in their face. Even if it is not on purpose, the experience is never pleasant. Even if vapor does not smell nor is it as dangerous as cigarette smoke, blowing vapor in one’s face is offensive. When you are vaping with someone, be considerate enough to blow your clouds in another direction where no one will have to bear it.

Be Responsible and Courteous

 The above list notes the most common breaches of vaping etiquette. Being inconsiderate to others gives vapers a bad name, and since many are against vaping, a bad name is what it needs least. There are many more rules for proper vaping, but all you need to know is: be responsible and courteous.

One doesn’t need a full compendium of vaping etiquette to refer to always. Just remember to vape responsibly and you will be fine. As a general rule, do not vape where smoking is not allowed. Just because one capes does not mean they are entitled to do so anywhere.