The Best Vape Juice and E-Liquid Flavors: Top Flavors Reviewed

Finding the best e-liquid flavors for your needs...

Best Vape Juice Flavors Explained

No matter how expensive, powerful, and efficient your vape is, your vaping experience is mostly dictated by the type and quality of the e-liquid you use. However, choosing an e-juice can be a pain in the butt because of so many brands and virtually infinite flavors available on the market.

What does this mean?

It means that if you choose the wrong e-juice, you will not get the most out of your e-cig and might give up vaping and turn to more dangerous methods of nicotine intake – something we don’t want to happen.

And that’s why we have written this comprehensive yet simple guide that will get you acquainted with the basics e-juice flavors, so you can choose one that fits your bill.

What are the best vape juice flavors?

Dessert and fruit flavors are usually considered the best vape e-liquid flavors. Most vape juices fall into one of five categories: beverage, dessert, fruit, tobacco, or unusual flavors. The best vape juice and e-liquid flavors for e-cigarettes, regardless of flavor, provide the right taste without bitterness or a harsh aftertaste.

You want something that goes down easy and doesn’t leave a little “whang” on your taste buds. You want fresh, bright, and exciting, not the dull “fake” flavor of over-mixed e-liquids. Since there are hundreds of e-liquids, we will limit this guide to five categories:

The Best Dessert E-Liquid Flavors

Best Dessert Vape Juice Flavors

These flavors are clearly simulation products; you will never taste the creaminess of whipped cream in a vape, the thinness layers of pastry on a strudel, or a warm gooey chocolate chip melt in your mouth. But despite this obvious fact, the dessert e-liquids taste pretty darn good.

There seems to be a flavor for just about every dessert taste; vanilla, chocolate, and caramel are to be the most popular for adding to other base desserts to bring out the special recipe taste. Cherry is another good liquid to add to cola or cakes and pies.

Desserts come in the pies, cakes, and pastry flavors with layers of strawberries n cream or blueberry cheesecake. Desserts also come as dairy tastes such as ice creams, custards, and creams.

Most taste close to the real thing, except for chocolate. Chocolate tastes more like a tootsie roll or a Nilla wafer. Not as good as the creamy chocolate kisses, but still reminiscent of the essence of chocolate. If you’re looking for the richness of a heavy or dark chocolate, it’s much harder to find. If you’re looking for a flavoring, it is good mixed with coffee and as cocoa.

Vanilla, however, is right on the mark. There are several varieties of vanilla, and all of them are delicious mixed with the cream flavors, like Vienna cream.

The caramel has a sweetness and thickness to the flavor. It adds a rich sweetness to the juice that feels amazing on the tongue.

Top Dessert E-Liquid Flavors



$15.99/30 ml Belgian Cocoa E-Liquid Flavor

This e-liquid is a mix of the dark and the milk chocolate flavors together, kind of like opening a box of chocolates. When they created this one, they hit the sweet spot of flavor and layering without bitterness. This chocolate e-liquid is not too sweet and has lots of clouds.

The throat hit is mild, the flavor moves toward the sweet side, and there is absolutely no tobacco taste.

Belgian Cocoa
$8.49/30 ml

belgian-cocoa-e-liquidBelgian Cocoa is the chocolate for which you have been searching. This is a dark, intense chocolate, the kind you crave to taste. This isn’t the watered-down tootsie roll pop flavor that you get in the middle of the lollipop; this is the Mast Brothers dark chocolate candy bar flavor. Mix it with a cream base for the warming flavor of hot chocolate or with coffee in the morning for an excellent cappuccino.

Vape it on a cold morning for a pick me up. If you are a true chocolate lover, two shots of this bliss will make you smile.


Best Fruit E-Liquid Flavors

Fruit E-Liquid Flavors

Fruity flavors are as popular as desserts, at least with some providers. The best thing with mixing fruit flavors is the trueness of the taste. Fruits can be copied much easier than desserts, so the citrusy notes and the sweet notes are purer and brighter.

Fruit flavors come in bold, sweet, tangy, or tart, or even a mixture of both (think lemon drops). Fruit taste good vaped by itself, or in combination with a dessert flavor (remember strawberry cheesecake?).

Double fruits are good, also. Lemon and lime, coconut and pineapple, and orange with pineapple are all good combinations. Lime with pineapple is a sweet and sour taste, lemon and crème tastes like lemon pie, and cherry lime is a sweet and sour mix.


$17.95/30 ml

Cosmic fog E-liquidKryptonite is Superman’s greatest weakness, and this flavor might be yours too. It has the flavor of fresh of honeydew and a candy coating kind of reminiscent of a skittle. This is bright, yet not too sweet.

There was no throat hit, no tobacco taste, a little tart, and sweet and fresh flavor that just sang of summer sunshine.

Berry Beach
$17.95/30 ml

Berry Beach E-liquidBerry Beach e-juice is that light and tart blend of kiwi and strawberry you sometimes see in the flavored waters at the store. The strawberry is a subtle flavor, and the kiwi taste keeps it bright and a little tart. This is the perfect mix for a menthol taste with a berry hit or a tad of vanilla for more of a strawberry hill wine taste. This is a popular e-liquid for those sangria days, lolling on the beach and watching the world wander by.

Top 3 Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors:

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavors

Beginning vapers often start with the tobacco flavors, because that is with which they are most familiar. Once the newness wears off and they become familiar with the equipment and methods, it is time to branch out into the unfamiliar.

Tobacco flavors are usually synthetic, but some are made from natural tobacco extract. The experienced vaper usually moves out of the tobacco range and into the flavors, but there are some die-hard tobacco fans that just like the taste of a smooth tobacco.

Tobacco flavors are often mixed with cherry and other fruits to give a pipe tobacco or a cigar flavor.

Black Note Forte
$29.00/30 ml

Black Note forte tobacco e-liquidsThe Burley tobacco flavor of Black Note is warm and inviting. This tobacco flavor tastes like the real thing. You can feel the sun of Italy and the warmth of the rays as they ripen the tobacco leaves. This e-liquid has a smoky and sweet flavor, a little like a pipe tobacco. The deepness of the flavor is brisk and throaty.

$19.99/30 ml
Halo Tribeca tobacco flavored vape juices

Tribeca e-liquid is a mild, sweet tobacco flavor that has a tone of caramel. This comes in a high-VG mix that is much desired. Tribeca is a little sweeter than most, almost a cigarillo taste of tobacco. Vapers that like sweetness with their tobacco are very fond of this mix.

Beverage Flavored E-Liquids

Beverage E-Liquid Flavors

Beverage flavors include alcohol and liquor families like rum, brandy, and whiskey. Certain fruit flavors also fit in this category, such as cherry cola. Beverages can taste exactly like popular brands of colas and juices, or be a mixture of your favorite alcoholic cocktails. The taste of the beverage e-liquids will spice up your vaping experience without a taste so strong that it’ll send your head spinning.

Don’t forget the delicious coffee drinks that are so popular now. Those trendy coffee flavors can be vaped for a smidgen of the cost of driving to a coffee bar, but you get the deliciousness all day instead of just for one cup and a few sips.

Top Beverage E-Liquid Flavor:


$17.95/30 ml
Cola flavored E-Liquid

This is the taste of a refreshing, iced drink on a hot summer day. The tingle fresh of cold and sweet, not too sticky, and not too hard. It is a smooth throat hit, not too strong and so good you can taste the fizz.

With a hint of cherry, vanilla, berry or chocolate, this flavor is so unique and so good. Think cold, icy, fizzy cola and you have the flavor down pat.


Best Unusual E-Liquid Flavors

Unusual E-Liquid Flavors

In addition to the previously mentioned flavors, there are many classic, impossible-to-categorize flavors. Candy flavors are favorites for the 80s generation who grew up with exploding candies like Pop Rocks. Candy of that era was very fruity and sweet, such as bubble gum and cotton candy. Vapers that like childhood flavors enjoy the candy flavors, but the old school taste of caramel is still very popular. Those creamy caramels with the cream centers are a great mix of vanilla, crème, and caramel, and who could forget milk duds?

Sweet breakfast food flavors are also a new market. Pancakes and waffles with butter and maple syrup have been around a while, but now you can also get grain cereal with bananas or strawberries, and cream and sugar on top. A pop-tart can be recreated with pastry, icing, and filling of your choice. Don’t forget popular brands like Cap’n Crunch and Fruit Loops, which are making appearances as vape liquid flavors.

Then come some of the truly out-there flavors, mostly savory, that have made it onto the top lists of vaping e-liquid flavors. Some of the most bizarre: clam juice, unflavored (what’s the point?) and cheeseburgers. Has anyone tried Elvis? A mixture of bananas, bacon, and peanut butter deep fried in a vaporizer. What about the Stoned Smurf, which is a little of the “herb” flavor with a touch of blue raspberry? While these unique flavors might not be everyone’s favorite, who knows? You may just find an exciting one that you love.

Mylk Green Tea
Green Tea e-liquid flavor

Mylk Green Tea is the unique taste of green tea with milk or cream – it may sound weird, but it tastes amazing.

It is a light taste, barely there, with the cream as a chaser.

Mylk tea is very light, very bright with just a tad of sweet. It has almost no throat hit, just a mild, tiny bit of sweet vape.


We hope you’ll like our selection of the best e-liquid flavors. Share your opininion in the comment section below or check out our best e-liquid brands list here.