Why Try Sub-Ohm Vaping?

The year 2015 has seen the rise in popularity of sub-ohm vaping. If you have not heard of it, in a nutshell, it is vaping with atomizers with resistances less than 1 ohm.

Advanced vapers who use rebuildables have been experimenting with sub-ohm builds for years now. However, it was only when some of the bigger brand names such as Aspire and Kangertech released their sub-ohm tanks did the phenomenon reach fever pitch. What once was considered advanced vaper territory, is now within reach of new users.

The Sub-Ohm Stigma

 Despite the rising trend of sub-ohm vaping, many users still feel cautious about trying it. This may be rooted to the fact that a few years back, many manufacturers – and experienced vapers as well – cautioned everyone not to use resistances lower than 1 ohm.

Using low resistances was considered dangerous then, especially when vaping was in its infancy. Safe chemistry batteries were expensive and not widely available yet, and e-cig mods did not have as much safety features.

 However, with the advancement of technology, coupled with better knowledge on how e-cigs and mods work, the dangers of the past do not apply anymore. Mech mods are now being used with safe chemistry batteries, capable of putting out up to 35 amps or more while regulated mods have a slew of safety features that beginners can use without worry.

The Joys of Sub-Ohm Vaping

 1.Clouds of Vapor

The allure of sub-ohm vaping stems from the massive clouds of vapor it can produce. Users find a particular satisfaction of being able to blow out dense puffs of vapor. Many ex-smokers find that the more vapor one draws, the more authentic it feels. However, if you are the type who does not want to draw attention, sub-ohm vaping should be done in the comforts of home.

  1. Improved Flavor

Because of the way sub-ohm coils are made, flavor is much more pronounced. Coils and wicks are larger, which means more e-liquid is vaporized with each draw. Additionally, the increased surface area means more vapor is produced. Because of the increased vapor density, more flavor from the vapor gets in the mouth of the user, resulting in a more intense flavor.

  1. Better Overall Vape

Smokers love to puff hard to let as much smoke as possible accumulate in their mouths. This is done to get a satisfying throat and nicotine hit. With sub-ohm atomizers and tanks, vapers get a similar experience. With dense vapor and more flavor, the vape is much more pleasurable. However, the one thing that makes it all the more authentic is the warmth of the vape. Sub-ohm builds generate more heat than standard ohm ones, thus warmer vapor is produced. The combination of all these factors makes each vape so much more ingratiating.

Sub-Ohm Essentials

 Before one can try sub-ohm vaping, users’ setups must be correct. Mech mods can be used, provided safe chemistry batteries capable of high amps are employed. Without proper cells, one runs the risk of getting injured. For regulated mods, newer variable wattage devices are recommended. Old variable voltage devices have amp limits and protection against sub-ohm builds. More modern devices are capable of handling sub-ohms and the built-in safety features protect the user from harm. If something goes wrong, the mod will stop firing and will warn users of the problem.

Rebuildable atomizers are favored by advanced users since they can build their own coils. For users who do not have a rebuildable atty or tank, there are ready-made sub-ohm tanks available with replaceable coils. Before sub-ohm tanks, users had to build their own. However, with the arrival of the new tanks, even new users can experience sub-ohm vaping without fuss.

For maximum vapor production, the use of VG-dominant e-liquid is recommended. Be aware too that nicotine hits are stronger with sub-ohm builds, so start off with a low nicotine level e-juice.

Final Thoughts

 Despite the arrival of sub-ohm tanks and new mods, users must still practice proper safety awareness. To fully take advantage of sub-ohm builds, one must have a working knowledge of ohms, watts, and amps. Electronics can fail, so one must not depend on their mod’s safety features. Ultimate responsibility still lies with the user.

That said, sub-ohm vaping can be fun and a wholly different experience for both new and advanced users. Just make sure you have the proper equipment and understand the relationship of ohms, watts, and amps. It may have a slight learning curve, but once mastered, a whole new world of vaping opens up for you.