VaporFi Review: The Best E-Cig Brand?

VaporFi Brand Review

Overall Rating: 95%
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Our Verdict: The top brand of 2015, VaporFi rises to the number one spot through their wide range of powerful starter kits, suitable for both beginners and advanced vapers. VaporFi is also highly regarded for quality and transparency in their popular e-liquid offerings.

Wondering what’s the best e-cig VaporFi has to offer?

  VaporFi Rebel 3 — is our #1 pick: 

VaporFi Rebel 3

The VaporFi Rebel 3 is our top rated device, due to its affordable price and unmatched power, a battery that outperforms all competitors, and as stainless steel body that’s built to last. Check it out and you won’t regret!


VaporFi’s Best Products:

Rebel 3 Starter Kit

Beginners and Advanced Users


VaporFi Rebel 3


 Our Verdict: VaporFi’s latest product, the Rebel 3 Starter Kit offers users a small, portable, and powerful way to get into sub-ohm vaping. With a powerful 3000mAh battery and a tank with air flow control and heat dissipation holes, the Rebel 3 is power and portability rolled into one.


Design: Opting to go with a cylindrical shape instead of the typical boxy mod look, the Rebel 3 is sleek and elegant looking. The atomizer and mod fit flush onto each other, with a small window to check e-juice levels. The Rebel 3 includes a smart battery life indicator that flashes as you fire the device – more slowly for full battery, rapidly for low battery.

Build Quality: The Rebel 3 is very well made, exactly as one would expect from a VaporFi product. The body and tank are made of stainless steel, and the window is crafted from durable pyrex. Everything fits perfectly and the tank and battery screw on smoothly. Each part is machined well, without any overlaps or ill-fitting components. The device looks like it can handle daily rough handling, although the pyrex glass might break so some degree of care should still be practiced. Overall, the Vice is a sturdy, high-quality made unit that can last users years of service.

What’s in the Box: Each VaporFi Vice Starter Kit includes one built-in 3000mAh battery, one Rebel 3 sub-ohm tank with 0.5-ohm atomizer installed, one additional 0.5-ohm atomizer, one AC adapter, and a USB charger.

Vaping Experience

Usability: Using the Rebel 3 is similar to using other devices with atomizers. To fill, users simply need to unscrew the atomizer and fill it with e-juice. It is recommended to use e-liquid bottles with fine tip nozzles to minimize spillage. Once filled, screw the top back on then attach it to the device.

Once the device has been fully charged, and the tank is attached, operating it is simple. Users press the button on the side when inhaling, then release when done. No fuss operation for an easy vape.

The Rebel 3 is not a variable voltage or wattage device, with only a single button to power the device on and off. This simplicity might disappoint some looking for adjustable settings, but its power and simplicity will still wow any vaper.

Vapor Production and Performance: The Rebel 3 is capable of huge clouds of vapor. If you have not tried sub-ohm vaping yet, prepare to be dazzled by how much vapor can be produced. Along with the dense clouds, users also get a clean and tasty vape. Since the tank is made of stainless steel and pyrex, there are no plastic parts to contaminate the flavor.

Vapor production with the Rebel 3 is top notch, and the taste is clean and pure. Users who are looking for a device that can perform like a desktop device, but it a stylish, portable package, look no further than the Rebel 3.

Battery Life and Atomizers: The battery life of the Rebel 3 is excellent, and able to last for around eight hours. Light vapers may be able to make the battery last a full day, while those who chain vape will get significantly less.

The tank is also extremely large, holding 5.8 ml of e-liquid, which can last as long as the battery. It is made of stainless steel and pyrex, ensuring users a pure and clean tasting vape every time.

The VaporFi Vice Starter Kit offers great value for what it does. Users who do not have the funds to buy separate sub-ohm tanks and sub-ohm capable batteries can save a lot with this kit.

Pro 3 Starter Kit

Beginners an Advanced Users

VaporFi Pro 3


The VaporFi Pro 3 is a solid performer. Beginners who want something more advanced than cig-a-likes, as well as advanced users looking for a powerful-yet-discreet device, will find what they’re looking for with the VaporFi Pro 3.


Design: The VaporFi Pro 3 is an attractive device. Sleek and very stylish, the device comes in a matte finish and is available in numerous colors. The rubber matte finish feels good in the hand and makes the device easier to hold. Colors of the tank and battery can be mixed and matched, as well, giving users the ability to customize the look of their setup. Also, the button on the device lights up when activated, which is a nice touch.

Build Quality: Handling the VaporFi Pro, one would be convinced of its high-quality build. The finish is flawless and there’s some heft to it, giving users a sense of quality. There’s no doubt the device can withstand daily use; however, while the battery itself looks like it can survive high drops, the tank may shatter, so some degree of care should still be taken.

What’s in the Box: Every purchase of the VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit comes with a 1000mah battery, one built-in 2.0-ohm atomizer, one additional 2.0-ohm atomizer, a four-pack of O-Rings, one USB charging cable, and a set of instructions.

VaporFi Pro Vaping Experience

Usability: The VaporFi Pro 3 is simple to use. The tank can be refilled by removing it from the battery. Users should be careful not to spill e-liquid into the chimney  inside the tank; it’s better to pour e-liquid along the sides. Once filled, the device can be activated by pressing the button on its side to start producing vapor.

Charging is done by plugging in the included cable to the bottom of the device. There is a steel cap that needs to be removed first. The other end of the cord is then plugged into a USB powered source.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor production from the VaporFi Pro 3 is fantastic. Thick and flavorful, it also gives a great throat hit with just the right amount harshness to mimic a hit from a traditional cigarette.

Overall performance is good. The Pro 3 is easy to use and has enough power and vapor production to satisfy both beginners and advanced users. The draw from the tank is smooth and the tank itself is able to hold 2.5ml of liquid.

Battery Life and Atomizers: The battery life of the Pro 3 is good enough to give users a day or two of vaping before needing a recharge. The atomizer inside the tank has replaceable coils, which usually last a week or two, depending on the usage rate. Coils are sold separately, though they are cheap enough that users can buy several at a time. As mentioned above, the vapor quality and throat hit users get from the atomizer and tank is great, closely mimicking the feel of traditional cigarettes.


Rocket 3 Starter Kit 

Beginners + Advanced Users

VaporFi Rocket 3 Starter Kit


Our Verdict: The VaporFi Rocket 3 is a portable device that allows users to adjust wattage and temperature. Together with the tank’s airflow control, users can fully customize their vaping experience for the perfect hit every time.



Design: The Rocket 3 is a beautiful device. It comes in six classy colors with a shiny finish. Inside the device is a powerful 2500mAh battery and the variable voltage control knob can be found at the bottom of the device. The tank that comes with the battery matches with it being the same color and finish, creating a clean, seamless look. There is an adjustable airflow ring at the bottom of the tank, so users can control airflow according to their tastes.

Build Quality: The Rocket 3 is a high-quality product and its overall build reflects that. The battery is built like a tank and can deal with rough handling the occasional drop. The Rocket Tank is also encased in the same material as the battery, but with small windows on the side to monitor e-liquid levels. This makes it fairly resistant to the occasional drop, as well. As always, users should take care of their devices to ensure prolonged life.

What’s in the Box: Together with the 2500mAh Rocket 3 vaporizer battery, each Rocket 3 Starter Kit includes one Rocket 3 Tank with included 0.5-ohm atomizer, one Ni200 0.1-ohm atomizer, one micro-USB charging cable, a two-pack of O-rings,  and one user manual. Everything you need to start vaping, save for the e-liquid, comes included.

Vaping Experience

Usability: For those coming from vape pens and cig-a-likes, the VaporFi Rocket 3 may seem complex to use at first. Once you understand its features and how they work, everything will become second nature. Charging is done via micro-USB cable that can be plugged into a USB power source.

The tank can be filled by unscrewing the glass part and pouring e-liquid in. There is a chimney in the middle of the tank, and users should avoid getting e-liquid inside of it. It’s best to pour using the sides of the tank. Once filled, screw the tank back on and let it sit for a few minutes to allow the wick to be fully saturated.

Before activating the device, users should set the voltage to the lowest setting. Slowly up the voltage until the right combination of power and flavor is found. To adjust the airflow, simply turn the wheel at the base of the tank until the right draw is set.

Vapor Production and Performance: Being variable voltage, users can control vapor production as they like. If massive clouds are needed, turn the voltage up. Keep in mind that too high of a setting might burn the e-liquid, and result in a harsh hit. To emphasize the flavor more, lower the voltage. It takes some trial and error to find the right setting. It’s important to note that different voltages work better with different e-liquid flavors. Tobacco flavors usually do well with high-voltage vaping, while fruity flavors work best on lower settings.

The beauty of the VaporFi Rocket is that users can customize settings to achieve the best performance. From voltage output to airflow, it only takes a few minutes to find which settings work for you.

Battery Life and Atomizers: With a nice 2500mAh battery, the Rocket 3 can give users up to a day or two of casual vaping. Of course, for heavy users, battery life will be shorter. Overall, battery life is impressive.

The Rocket 3 Tank comes with a replaceable coil. This means that once the atomizer has burned out, users can simply replace the coil with a fresh one and start anew. The included coils are dual coil, which can produce massive clouds of vapor even when the voltage is set to medium.

The tank is also easily refillable, giving users the ability to use whatever juice they fancy. There are windows on the side, as well, to monitor e-juice levels. Once the level reaches the end of the window, users are advised to refill. This reduces the chances of getting dry hits.

There’s not much to dislike about the VaporFi Rocket 3 Starter Kit. If there is one thing that might deter buyers, it’s the price. At $49.99, the kit might seem a bit pricey, but with all the customization options and included accessories the Rocket 3 offers, it’s worth it.

Other VaporFi’s Products:

Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer

Advanced UsersPrice: $139.99

VaporFi Atom

For those vapers looking for a device that works for dry herbs, the VaporFi Atom is one of the best choices. The device has variable voltage output and a range of temperatures, which means that you can adjust the device settings to match the herb you’re using. The Atom is very stylish and portable and has handy motion-sensing technology. When shaken, the Atom will flash a color to show its battery level. When the battery is low, the device will enter a battery-saving mode. 

VAIO 75 TC Mod

Advanced Users

VaporFi Vaio 75 TC Mod

The most advanced model in VaporFi’s lineup of e-cigarettes, the VAIO 75 TC Mod boasts a slew of features that outperform other mods at its price range: a pre-installed vape tank, variable wattage and temperature controls, and sub-ohm atomizers that are great for mouth-to-lung vaping. It is also equipped with an OLED screen that displays ohm resistance, wattage setting, and battery level. One downside is the 18650 battery is not included.

Though aimed primarily at advanced vapers, the VAIO MOD is also newbie-friendly, with its easy-to-use interface and safety features, such as reverse battery protection and thermal protection. Housed in a solid stainless steel enclosure, this product is among the best that VaporFi has to offer.

Additional Details

VaporFi is one the rare e-cigarette companies that not only offers a healthy range of capable e-cigarette options, but also high-quality e-liquid that ranks high in flavor and vapor production. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, VaporFi has something for you.

If you’re looking for a powerful, straightforward, all-purpose device, we can’t recommend the Rebel 3 highly enough. If you are shopping for your first e-cigarette, we highly recommend VaporFi’s Pro Kit or Rocket 3 Starter Kit. And while you’re there, be sure to check out their range of e-liquid flavors, or see about mixing your own.

At any rate, there’s a reason why VaporFi is highly regarded by most vapers; they offer quality products at reasonable prices.

VaporFi has taken their time in providing up to 30,000 e-liquid flavor combinations for the ultimate satisfaction of their customers. They have also employed the same principle in their wide array of vaporizers and e-cigarettes through offering custom built kits via the combination of their list of vaping gears.

The popular e-cig company extended their dedication in leading the industry through an always-reliable customer support that quickly resolves issues. Their website is easy to navigate and use, with a great layout and an uncomplicated interface. They have drop-down menus for e-liquids, e-cigarettes, and accessories, where the large catalog of products is listed in alphabetical order.

VaporFi has a rewards program, and customers earn a point for every dollar spent on their products. 200 points is equivalent to $20, which can be used to purchase more VaporFi products on their site.

As part of their guarantee for convenience, VaporFi gives a 90-day warranty for all their products for factory defects, except those on clearance sale. Advanced models include a 6-month warranty. On top of that, their 30-day money back guarantee makes it easier for newbies to trust the brand without risking their money and satisfaction.

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