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Overall Performance: 60%

User Experience: 80%

Value for Money: 85%

Price: $199.95

Our Verdict: A supercharged kit containing everything one will need to start vaping seriously, the Vapor Couture Maximale is the kit to beat all kits. With three batteries, 20 cartridges, and a slew of accessories, it may seem to be high-priced, but it’s all worth it for what you get.

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First Impressions

Design: The e-cigarettes in the Maximale Kit are beautiful devices. Sleek and elegant, the batteries come in a brushed metallic finish available in different color shades. There is a jeweled tip in each device that glows while in use, which is a nice touch, and adds to its unique style. Cartridges are well-built, as well, fitting the batteries perfectly for a seamless look.

The kit also includes a fluted necklace charm that comes in sterling silver and stainless steel. It can function as an e-cig holder so users don’t accidentally lose their batteries. It’s well-made and elegant enough to use on its own. The same goes for the Vapor Couture Clutch, which has enough space to store extra batteries, cartridges, cards, and even a smartphone. There is also a portable charging case that lights up when opened, which is pretty cool.

Build Quality: Vapor Couture batteries are built well. Finish and color are beautiful, and the cartridges fit perfectly. Users will appreciate these small details, especially those who recognize quality. The jeweled tip also looks like it won’t fall off on its own, and overall, the device can handle daily usage without suffering performance issues. Given the light and thin nature of the batteries, care should still be taken.

What’s in the Box: The Maximale Kit contains everything one needs to start vaping. It includes three batteries, 20 flavor cartridges, one smartphone clutch, one portable charging case, one stainless steel fluted necklace, one auto adapter, one charger kit, and one user manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: Vapor Couture batteries are very simple to operate. Charging is done by screwing a battery onto the charger. There is a light on it that indicates when the battery is fully charged. Once charged, a cartridge is attached by screwing it on. To use, one simply inhales through the mouthpiece and the device will start producing vapor; simple, yet functional.

The fluted charm can either be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. The battery is attached by sticking the jewel tip onto the charm. The charm grasps the battery firmly and requires some force to be removed. This ensures your e-cig is always with you and prevents accidental drops.

The leather clutch, on the other hand, has numerous slots to store all you need for vaping all day. The front-zipper part is where one stores batteries and cartridges. The back zipper area can store important cards, the portable charging case, or even a smartphone. It’s a nice accessory that women vapers will certainly appreciate for its functionality and looks.

Then, there is the portable charging case. The case is small and thin enough to fit into a pocket or bag and can accommodate up to two batteries. There is a charging cable for recharging on-the-go, and for added style, the case lights up when it is slid open.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor production is decent with the Maximale Kit’s batteries. While not impressive, respectable clouds can be produced by taking slow puffs. Keep in mind, that unlike cigarettes, which produce more smoke the harder you puff; users have to take long puffs with e-cigs.

Overall, performance of the batteries and cartridges are nothing to write home about. It does its job satisfactorily; nothing great, but definitely not bad. It is good enough to curb cravings, but for experienced users, there’s nothing special about its performance

Battery Life and Atomizers: It’s a good thing the Maximale Kit includes three batteries and a portable charging case, because battery life lasts only 45 minutes. Casual vapers might extend one battery to half a day, but more aggressive puffers will be sorely disappointed. Battery life is not an issue with the kit, because three batteries and a portable charging case can easily last vapers a day of vaping.

The atomizers in the cartridges are nothing special. They are standard for these types of e-cigs. That being said, it is capable of producing decent clouds of vapor if one takes long, steady drags. The cartridges are also disposable, meaning once they’ve run out of e-liquid, it is thrown away. They are not refillable, which would have made the kit so much better.


Additional Details

The Maximale Kit is the supreme starter kit for women smokers looking to get into serious vaping. It contains everything one might need to start vaping and stop smoking. Three batteries are more than enough to last a day, especially with the bundled portable charger. The 20 cartridges included can last a long time before one needs to replenish stocks.

While $200 may seem a bit steep, given all the extras and accessories one gets, it actually saves users a lot more. Instead of buying more affordable kits and replacing them every six months, cycling the three batteries in the Maximale Kit can keep users vaping for well over a year. Aside from the money saved for purchasing everything as a kit, users also save a lot in the long run.

Women smokers who want to quit but don’t have the time to research and purchase all that’s needed one-by-one, should look at the Maximale Kit. It costs a lot, but if you think about it, it’s only equivalent to a month or so worth of cigarette packs. The fact that Vapor Couture batteries and the included accessories look great is a nice plus.

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Vapor Couture Maximale Kit
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