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Overall Performance: 60%

User Experience: 80%

Value for Money: 75%

Price: $64.95

Our Verdict: The Vapor Couture L’Essentiel Kit is a great entry point into vaping for women smokers looking to quit tobacco cigarettes. While performance is on-par with other starter kits, its striking good looks set it apart from the rest.

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First Impressions

Design: Vapor Couture has managed to inject fashion and style into regular cig-a-likes and it shows with the L’Essentiel Kit. From the packaging to the contents inside, everything is much nicer. The batteries that come with the kit are sleek and elegant looking, with a brushed metal finish available in different shades of color. There’s also a jeweled tip that glows while in use, which is a nice touch. Cartridges are well-made and fit seamlessly to the batteries. Different shades of color are also available for the cartridges and users can mix and match colors as they please.

Build Quality: The batteries in the kit are very well-made. Machined well with no imperfections, everything screws on smoothly and fits together perfectly. The jeweled tip itself doesn’t look like it would fall off on its own and the finish and color are beautifully made. Overall, the device would survive daily use, but given its thin design, could still break under stress. Care should still be taken.

What’s in the Box: The Vapor Couture L’Essentiel Kit includes two Vapor Couture Batteries, two 5-pack Vapor Couture flavor cartridges, one charger kit, and a user manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: The Vapor Couture batteries are very simple to operate. To charge, users just screw the battery onto the charger. A small LED lights up to indicate when the battery is fully charged.

Once charged, take a cartridge, remove the seals, and screw it on the battery. To start vaping, one simply inhales through the mouthpiece and the device automatically creates vapor.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor Couture batteries are essentially regular cig-a-likes dressed in fancy clothing. That being said, vapor production is decent and on-par with other cig-a-likes. For new users, know that e-cigarettes are unlike real cigarettes, wherein you get more smoke the harder you puff. For e-cigs, to get more vapor, one must take long, steady drags.

Overall performance is decent; exactly what one would expect with cig-a-likes, nothing great, but not bad either. They do what they’re supposed to do and nothing more.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Battery life on the rechargeable battery is not very good. It only lasts about 45 minutes of vape time. Casual vapers may make it last for half a day, but those who take more frequent puffs will be disappointed. Unless you upgrade to a kit with two rechargeable batteries, it’s best to invest in Vapor Couture’s portable charging kit.

The disposable battery, on the other hand, is good for about 250 puffs, after which, it is discarded. This is typical for disposables and is to be expected.

Atomizers are built in to the cartridges and are disposed of after the e-liquid has run out. There’s nothing special about the atomizers and they perform just like other cartridges on the market. It does its job satisfactorily.


Additional Details

Compared to Vapor Couture’s Entreé Kit, the L’Essentiel Kit is the smarter buy. Users get two rechargeable batteries and two 5-pack flavor cartridges; while the Entreé Kit only has one rechargeable battery, a disposable battery, and one 5-pack of flavor cartridges.

Flavors depend on the color of the cartridge. Brushed platinum ones will have Cool Arctic Mint, rose gold will have Sweet Passion Fruit, and deep purple will be Rich Tobacco. Flavors taste okay, especially for pre-filled cartridges, which users often complain about having a bad flavor.

The L’Essentiel Kit is designed for new users and it has everything needed to start vaping. For more experienced users, there’s nothing new here save for the fancy colors and design. Performance is pretty much the same as other starter kits.

For those who don’t mind the performance of cig-a-like starter kits, and who want something elegant and stylish, the L’Essentiel is worth considering. Though it is priced higher than similar starter kits, if you’re conscientious about fashion, it’s worth it.

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Vapor Couture L’Essentiel Kit
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