V2 Electronic Cigarettes Brand Review — Really the #1?

V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs Overall Rating: 89%

One of the top brands in the market today, V2 is the largest online retailer of e-cigarettes, offering customers a huge range of kits to choose from. The company’s EX line of e-cigarettes are considered one of the best, if not the best, vape pens around.

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V2 Electronic Cigarettes:

V2 VERTX (Plus) (w/Blank Cartridges)

Beginners + Advanced UsersPrice: $49.95 & $89.95


The VERTX and VERTX Plus are exciting new options for both beginners and advanced users. Whether it is used as a primary device or as a backup, the VERTX devices are sleek, powerful, and reliable.

The VERTX devices have a sleek and exciting new design, looking less like a cig-a-like, but also sleeker than a typical e-cig pen. The single-body construction makes the device appear streamlined and cutting-edge, and the recessed cartridge chamber prevents leakage.

The V2 VERTX devices were designed with an all-new type of cartridge and heating elements, which means the device can produce up to three times the puffs per cartridge as other cartridge types.

The VERTX and VERTX Plus kits come with the VERTX battery, the magnetic charging cord, and one three-pack of blank cartridges. The device also includes a user manual.


Vaping Experience

The V2 VERTX devices are extremely straightforward to use. Just snap in the e-liquid cartridge, and you’re good to go. The Plus has adjustable voltage settings and a bright touch-screen display that make adjustments to the device simple and even fun.

The VERTX devices produce great, flavorful vapor, though not enormous clouds. This is part of the device’s appeal, however; it’s a small, discreet e-cig, not a vapor-focused mod. The voltage is adjustable, which can help to up the vapor if you’d like more cloud production.

The VERTXs have a unique heating element that produces great flavor, and the magnetic cartridges prevent leakage. The cartidges also can produce up to 650 puffs each, and the device includes the helpful addition of pass-through charging.

The cartridges and battery work very well together, and the devices strike a great balance between portability, battery life, and flavor production.

The VERTX Plus is significantly more expensive than the VERTX, and the primary difference is the sleek touchscreen and adjustable voltage settings. These perks don’t improve the device’s functioning, but do improve the user experience, especially for more experienced users.

Additional Details

The VERTX is, in many ways, revolutionary. If you’re looking for a new e-cig, or want something discreet and powerful, this may be the device for you. The devices have a longer-lasting battery, longer-lasting cartridges, and amazing design. With the blank cartridges, you can use any e-liquid with the devices. This allows the VERTXs to function almost like mods, but with much more portability.

V2 Standard EX Series E-Liquid Kit

BeginnersPrice: $72.95

V2 Standard EX Series

Beginners looking for an entry point into the world of vaping won’t be disappointed with the V2 Standard EX Kit. The price, performance, and build quality of the EX Series make this device the perfect starter kit for those looking to try vaping for the first time.

Design: Given a sleek, metallic finish and available in different colors, this kit from V2 is a beauty to behold. Unlike other cig-a-likes that try too hard to mimic the look and feel of traditional cigarettes (and fail), this particular e-cig exudes style and grace.

Build Quality: The build quality of the V2 EX e-cigs is superb. The device has a high-quality finish, and the cartridge and battery match together perfectly for a seamless look. The overall construction appears very solid, with no rattling parts. It can take years of rough handling without losing any performance quality.

What’s in the Box: With two batteries, two bottles of V2’s Platinum E-Liquids, one pack of three blank cartomizers, and a USB cable and wall charger, the V2 Standard EX Kit comes with everything you need. The device also comes with a user manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: Using the V2 EX Kit isn’t hard. The Standard EX uses automatic batteries, so the user need only inhale through the mouthpiece to activate it. The battery charger is intuitive and simple to use.

Vapor Production and Performance: The EX outputs 4.2 V, as opposed to the standard 3.7 V from other vape pens. As a result, vapor production is more impressive than similar products from other brands. Other automatic vape pens produce weak vapor, but the EX is capable of putting out powerful clouds. The device provides an incredible throat hit, which is a pleasant surprise for many users who have come to expect sub-par performances from vape pen.

The overall performance of the EX is a step above other similar kits, due to the redesign of both the battery and the cartridges.

Battery Life and Atomizers: One of the problems with standard vape pens is the battery life. The Standard EX Kit improved on this by offering larger capacity batteries for longer vape times. The EX batteries measure just 100mm, but last for about 300 puffs. Considering that the output is 4.2 V, which take in more power than regular 3.7 V batteries, the number of puffs on one charge of the EX battery is impressive.

One other thing that separates EX batteries from the rest is the use of battery indicators on the side of the device. These indicators light up to let users know how much battery charge is left.

The cartridges of the Standard EX Kit have been redesigned to produce more flavor and vapor. The EX holds more e-liquid than other cartridges and doesn’t use polyfill. The lack of filling means that airflow is smoother and the amount of vapor that reaches your mouth is fuller. This also accounts for the improved taste. Other cartridges taste stale when running low but, with the EX cartridges, users get the same full flavor no matter how much e-liquid is left.

Even the sensation of putting the mouthpiece in your mouth is pleasant because the metal cover offers a cooler feeling than the paper or plastic mouthpieces on other cartridges.

Additional Details

When it comes to starter kits, V2 is king. The Standard EX Kit only proves to reinforce the idea by offering improved performance, from battery life to vapor production, and overall build quality.

While the battery life is much improved, users may want more vaping times from it. V2 has a portable charging case, which is the smallest charging case on the market and has the capability to charge the EX battery up to eight times. It is a little pricey, but if you’re a heavy vaper, the investment may be worthwhile.


Advanced UsersPrice: $89.95

V2 Trinity KitThe V2 TRINITY is a step up from lighter, small e-cigarettes and into the world of powerful mods. The TRINITY from V2 is an exceptional choice for anyone looking to dip their toe into the world of mods, or for an experienced vaper in the market for a powerful and intuitive new device.

The kit comes with a standard and a sub-ohm atomizer so that the user can make the device work for their favorite e-liquids. Users can also customize the voltage and temperature, with variable outputs between 5 and 40W. These features are easy to adjust and are exactly what any veteran vaper wants.

XEO VOID Vaporizer Kit

EveryonePrice: $59.95

V2 Xeo Void

The XEO VOID is not produced by V2 itself, but the German-designed device is sold in the U.S. by V2, and its quality is held up to V2 standards. The kit falls somewhere between a pen and a mod, coming with two different atomizer heads, but the device maintains its portability. The large 2ml tank and effective battery mean that you can vape comfortably all day with minimal recharging and refilling. The VOID’s strength is its all-metal construction that will allow the device to keep chugging along for years.

So Does V2 Lives Up to The Hype?

V2 claims to be the #1 e-cig brand, but do their products match up to these claims? Here are our thoughts: no matter which of their products you try, you’ll straightaway get the feeling that they are a class apart. Not only that, but V2 is the largest online retailer of e-cigarettes, and has a fantastic range of products. The company’s EX line of e-cigarettes and vaporizer kits are clearly among the best products available on the market.

What really sets V2 electronic cigarettes apart?

There are several factors that push the brand a notch above the rest. The biggest benefit of the V2 e-cigarette brand is that they offer such a wide variety of products. All the V2 products are designed in the U.S., and everything undergoes rigorous testing before it’s offered for sale to ensure the highest quality. Lastly, V2’s products have unique, elegant designs, from the starter kits to the cartridges, and even to the charging case.

Are V2 products worth the price?

From cartridges to starter kits to vaporizers, almost all the V2 products are very affordable. You would be hard pressed to find the devices of V2 quality produced by other companies and offered at V2 prices. Not only that, but V2’s efficient batteries and cartridges allow you to get the most value out of your e-liquids.

Design and build quality

While the build quality and durability might be just above average, V2 knows how to design beautiful products. Their e-liquids are packed in sleek bottles and their starter kits look extremely stylish, but it’s with their vaporizers that the engineers show their design skills. It’s very impressive how they packed so much power and functionality in such small yet elegant units. In short, V2 products boast beautiful and ergonomic designs and feel really great in your hand.

Performance and vapor quality

If we had to choose just one reason to buy any V2 product (especially their e-liquids), it would be for the company’s transparency. You can download a unique batch report for each V2 e-juice you purchase and identify every ingredient. Each pack is labeled with an expiration date and batch number. Their e-liquid bottles are childproof, foil-packed, and sealed to ensure freshness.

While the company outsources manufacturing, they never outsource quality control and do all their testing in-house. To ensure high performance and flavor-rich vapor quality, V2 rigorously tests each product for quality and consistency. Although having just 18 flavors in your arsenal might not sound too impressive, their e-liquids offer great satisfaction for beginners as well as experienced vapers alike.

The company is constantly working on the quality of their products to raise the bar to the next level. Almost all the e-liquids offer strong flavor and great vapor density. Whether or not you want any of their starter kits or vaporizer kits, you can rest assured that you’ll get top-class performance every time. Choose the right percentage of nicotine, and you can get your ideal throat hit. Best of all, you won’t get any bad “aftertaste” at all.

Ease of use and customization

V2 takes ease-of-use to a whole new level. They also allow you to customize their products according to your vaping style. They offer V2 batteries in different lengths, styles and power switches; you can get prefilled or blank cartridges; and can even choose the nicotine strength 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and 0% for your vaping style. If you’re buying any of their starter kits, you can choose the length of the unit, switch type, color, and more. Their devices are smart and make life easy.

Lifetime warranty and money back guarantee

V2 has a lot of faith that their products will satisfy vapers. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with their product, you can simply send it back within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund, no questions asked. It’s as simple as that. What’s more, the company backs their product with lifetime warranty. If any of the components malfunction, you can get a replacement for electronic components for the rest of your life.

Free vaping and shipping

We were totally blown away by the simple yet effective reward system offered by V2. Buy a product, refer a friend, subscribe to their newsletter or simply submit a product review, and you’ll accumulate reward points. Each product that they offer shows the price as well as the number of points required to get the product. In the long run, this system could save you big time.

A lot of people seem to moan about the delayed shipping and high shipping costs. On top of that, when a unit is delayed, customers report that the help given by V2’s customer service is not very helpful. Maybe there’s a communication gap between the customer care and fulfillment department, but this is an area where V2 could use improvement. In addition to expediting their shipping, probably a cut down in shipping cost would be great news for V2 lovers.

Additional Details About V2

The EX series also has a battery indicator by way of LED indicator lights that show how much battery is left. The amount of e-liquid, on the other hand, can be monitored via a small window on the side of the cartridges.

Given the higher battery power that the EX series has, the throat- and mouth-feel has been described by users as more authentic than similar starter kits by other brands.

Though there are many e-cig brands and models out there that come with higher battery capacities and more power output, they are usually unwieldy and cost a whole lot more. V2 Cigs offers an alternative with their wide selection, giving users decent battery life and power in small, discreet e-cig models that are also very affordable.

V2 Cigs
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