Top 5 Myths About E-Cigarettes

The idea of e-cigarettes among long-time smokers can be confusing. Aside from the usual questions regarding its effectiveness, there are myths and rumors floating around that give smokers second thoughts on a tool that has huge potential to promote smoking cessation.

Here are the top five myths about e-cigarettes you should know about:

“E-cigarettes use nicotine and nicotine is bad.”

To be clear, e-cigarettes do not have nicotine in them. It’s the e-juice that contains it. These e-juices have varying nicotine strengths in which users can choose to go low, medium, or high in strength.

The amount of nicotine a bottle of e-juice contains is irrelevant. Nicotine does not cause cancer. It’s the chemicals, tar, and carbon monoxide in cigarettes that do.

In fact, the effect of nicotine to the brain is similar to caffeine. They’re both vasoconstrictors and neither cause cancer.

“E-juice is made of chemicals that are harmful, as well.”

While it is true that e-juice does contain chemicals, the chemicals in it are all safe for human consumption. The basic ingredients of e-juice include propylene glycol (which is used in ice cream, soda, and whipped dairy products), vegetable glycol (used in baking and medicine), nicotine (which, as discussed earlier, is not harmful by itself), and flavorings (the same kind used in food and candies).

Sometimes, e-juice manufacturers can add sucralose (a form of sugar that is used in juices) to sweeten the flavor, as well as menthol crystals (used in a variety of mint-based candies) to give users a mentholated vape.

All of these chemicals are FDA-approved and are consumed daily by the majority of the population.

“E-cigarettes explode.”

Out of the thousands of e-cigarette users, the number of documented cases of e-cigarette explosions is in the single digits. The potential to explode is there, truthfully, but only if the user is careless.

In cases of exploding e-cigarettes, it all comes down to the choice of batteries and its usage. Some e-cigarettes, usually of the cheap China-made variety, still use Ni-Cd batteries, which are unstable. This causes many problems and it’s wise to steer clear of them and put the money towards procuring e-cigarettes with Li-Ion batteries (which are more stable and are used in mobile phones).

Another reason why e-cigarettes explode is user error. With the advent of rebuildable atomizers, many vapers build their own coils to produce more vapor (or clouds); the lower the ohms of an atomizer, the greater the clouds. Low ohm atties also draw more amps from batteries. If you choose low-resistance atties while using batteries with low amp limits, the chances of it exploding are greater. This is especially true if you use mechanical mods, which are e-cigarette battery holders that do not contain any safety features.

Fortunately, newer e-cigarette models are mostly regulated. They now contain chips that have reverse battery protection, thermal limits, short circuit detection, and many more safety features. For beginning vapors, it’s recommended you start with regulated devices.

“E-juice flavors are designed to attract kids.”

E-juice flavors are made to appease an ex-smoker’s cravings, not to attract minors. The different flavors of e-juices are specifically tailored to satisfy any food cravings a smoker might have.

If you’re worried that your kids might take up an e-cigarette habit, be secure in the knowledge that procuring an e-cigarette and e-juices as a minor is just as difficult, if not more so, as procuring analog cigarettes.

“You just go back to smoking anyway.”

Smokers aren’t just addicted to nicotine. They also seek out the different sensations smoking brings. Vaping low strength e-juice will never satisfy a smoker of 10+ years; however, with the right e-juice flavor and the appropriate nicotine level, even lifelong smokers can find satisfaction in e-cigarettes.

The issue of “throat hit,” which most new vapors complain about when they first start out, can be solved by using higher nicotine levels. A higher nicotine level equals a stronger throat hit and since nicotine is still present, the issue of nicotine withdrawals is a non-factor.

Quitting smoking is never easy. By educating yourself on the myths and rumors about e-cigarettes, you gain a powerful smoking cessation tool that not only limits how often you smoke analog cigarettes, but also provides the potential to quit altogether towards smoke-free living.