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Selection: 90%
Vapor Quality: 86%
Battery Life: 93%
Value for Money: 90%

Our Verdict: Revolver has released numerous vaping kits for beginners and advanced vapers, which puts them in the upper half of the list of preferred brands. Their constant attempt to create better vape kits to suit different tastes has enabled them to manufacture both traditional cig-like e-cigarettes and more sophisticated kits, such as the Subox and Disrupter.

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Revolver’s Best Products:

Click Starter Kit

Beginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $49.99

Click Starter Kit E-cigsThe Click Starter Kit is the newest model released by Revolver to follow-up on the well-loved Talon. Holding a number of similarities, the Click Starter Kit is actually an improved version of the previously ‘hot item’, which is perfect for beginners and advanced vapers who need a reliable backup. The kit has an enhanced 1280mAh battery that can be used while charging, and a variable voltage option that lets you adjust the voltage from 3.5 to 5.0 V for a more customized vape quality.

The overall design sports Revolver’s somehow standard blueprint, with a stainless steel body which is sleek and modern. It has an LED ring on the button to indicate the amount of power that is left for use and the 3-click battery protection still applies. Click on the activation button thrice, and the unit will turn off. Repeat the process and only then will it be activated.

A complete kit that costs $49.99 includes a battery, charging cable, an iClear tank, a battery lanyard and ring, and 1 30ml bottle of your selected eLiquid.

eGo One Mini Starter Kit

Beginner and Advanced UsersPrice: $49.99

revolver-ego-one-mini-starter-kitAs one of the freshest releases of Revolver Electronic Cigarettes, the eGo One Mini Starter Kit is a powerful vape kit in a small package. It is remarkably mini in size, which makes it a handy unit for mobile vapers and anyone who is not into heavy, bulky, and machine-looking advanced power vapes. The size, complemented by the stainless steel build that comes in four different colors, is an equal opposite to the device’s capacity in terms of vapor production.

This kit has an 850mAh battery and a 1.8ml e-liquid capacity tank, as well as an atomizer that has an adjustable airflow plus two coil choices (0.5 and 1.0 ohm resistance) and a free high VG eLiquid. The vapor production is amazing for such a small device, comparable to advanced kits that create clouds of vape with a nice throat hit and flavor.

Priced at $49.99, the eGo One Mini is a bargain package that is a chic, powerful, and easy to operate kit for both beginner and advanced users.

Subox Mini Starter Kit

Beginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $79.99

revolver-subox-mini-starter-kitThe Subox Mini Kit is the next level vaping kit for intermediate users who want to take on a more advanced unit while maintaining discreetness in their kit’s aesthetics. Holding powerful features that allow optimal vape production and customization, the Subox Mini can fire up to 50W of power and work with low resistant coils (as low as 0.3 ohms). It uses a 18650 battery that has variable voltage and wattage features for the most favorable results.

This advanced vape kit from Revolver is one of the newest models, which includes standard OCC coils (sub ohm and 1.5 ohm), as well as 2 RBA coils that the user can customize according to personal preference.

It’s a perfect kit for anyone who wants variety in the type and quality of vape, depending on the occasion. If the mood for intense vaping is on, then you can use the sub ohm coils with the right wattage and voltage, plus the VG drip liquid for full flavored and strong clouds of vapor. Adjusting to lower wattage and higher ohm resistant coils will lessen the throat hit and quantity of vapor produced.

For a kit that is priced at $79.99, you will get: (1) Subtank Mini, (1) Subbox Device, (1) OCC 1.5 ohm Coil, (1) OCC 0.5 ohm Coil, (1) RBA Mini Plus Base, (2) RBA Coils, (2) RBA desk screws, (1) Mini screwdriver, (2) RBA Cover Screws, (1) Instruction Manual, (1) USB Cable, and (1) Sheet of Japanese cotton (organic).

Disrupter Starter Kit

Intermediate and Advanced UsersPrice: $89.99

revolver_disrupter_battreyRevolver boasts about the Disrupter Starter Kit, which they claim to be the most advanced high-powered vape kit on the market, because it is the first ever device to use the innovative InnokinCell Vaping Power System LiPo battery technology. The latter is the latest invention, in terms of high-powered batteries specifically designed to cater to vaping systems’ power supply needs.
With a power system that lasts longer than 18650 batteries, the Disrupter maintains its powerful 2000 mAh capacity, even after 300 full charging cycles. It has a consistent output level even at 50W, and is guaranteed to last longer than any other vape battery system today. This feature is further enhanced with variable battery options to match the super low resistant clearomizer, which can work with as low as 0.2 ohms.

It is a smart e-cig kit that remembers the last used wattage and voltage settings. The OLED screen shows the number of puffs and battery level for optimal use.

The Disrupter truly disrupts the whole vape market since it has record breaking features that justly appeal to the advanced user. This kit is designed for superior vaping and is one of Revolver’s best products today. It comes in a variety of colors and includes a free 30ml bottle of the Revolver Max VG Drip eLiquid that you can choose from their five fruity flavors.

This kit is sold at a surprising $89.99, with a complete set that guarantees long-term use delivered by its overall durable build and advanced elements. Any serious vaper would never hesitate investing in such a powerful kit.

Additional Details

Before the abovementioned products, Revolver has previously released exemplary units. such as the Talon, eVic, and Magnum Volt. Apparently, the brand has been quick in enhancing their units. which is why these are no longer available for purchasing. Then again, the current models being offered are a result of continuous progress within the brand.

They have also taken a leap in providing varieties in color options, which was a minor issue of their loyal customers in the past. And while their site does not have live chat support, their customer support system is commendable, and they give out bonuses via a point system to reward their loyal clients.

To satisfy diverse predilections in terms of flavor, Revolver has a wide array of flavored e-liquids to offer and a complete collection of accessories that any vape kit user would need.

As a conclusion, Revolver is for beginners and advanced users who want to upgrade to powerful batteries and more advanced units without paying as much as they would with other brands. As a guarantee, they offer to return your money within 30 days in case you are not satisfied with your purchase—absolutely a win-win situation with this brand!

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