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Overall Performance: 95%

User Experience: 94%

Value for Money: 95%

Price: $69.95

Our Verdict: With two sets of e-cigs in one kit that deliver advanced-grade vapor, the SR72 1300 Mig-Aspire BVC is a bargain at its regular price. Its manufacturer has definitely taken a number of steps ahead of the competition when comparing to other starter vapes within the same range. This unit has long-lasting batteries at 1300 mAh, bottom dual coil atomizers that ensure richer and more flavorful vapor, upgradable tanks and batteries, and an elegant design that portrays a high-end device and resilience. For beginners and advanced users, the SR72 1300 Mig-Aspire BVC is definitely worth every buck.

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First Impressions

Design: Delivered by Kanger and Eigate, who are known to be the best designers of e-cigs in the US, the overall design of the SR72 1300 Mig-Aspire BVC claims its title. A quick look and feel of the whole unit is enough to sense its heavy-duty strength and most of the parts are covered in metal. It has a sophisticated look, despite its larger battery size (in comparison to other similar units). Mig Cigs has created another tasteful unit with the SR72 1300 Mig-Aspire BVC that unsurprisingly captures the taste of both high-end and modest users.

Build Quality: The metal and sturdy plastic combination holds fairly well, making this kit a good investment for long-term use. Its metal button, which also has a built-in power consumption meter, is reliably made and works well. To further enhance its longevity, tanks and batteries are optionally upgraded, while all other parts, including the charger, carry case, and replacement coils, are all consistent in build.

What’s in the Box: As you open your kit, you will be delighted to see the following items included: (2) 1300 mAh batteries with built-in power meter, (2) SR72 Aspire Tanks with innovative BVC coils, (5) replacement coils, (1) carry case, (1) wall charger with USB connector in white, (1) 30 ml of your chosen e-liquid, and a manual.

Vaping Experience

Usability: Representing a great set for both beginners and advanced vapers, the SR72 1300 Mig-Aspire BVC demonstrates a fully functional kit that allows the user to benefit from every dollar invested. Mig Cigs has been known to improve every model they release, according to customer reviews, and this particular device has definitely gotten better.

Using 4.2 Volts of power that can be upgraded into a variable power battery, the unit creates rich and flavorful vapor that satisfies even the most heavy and advanced vapers. The dual bottom coil tanks, while upgradeable to more durable glass or steel variations, can hold up to 2.4 ml of your chosen e-liquid.

Standard tanks are reliable by themselves as they do not leak; however, inhaling too heavily through the unit may cause a small amount of liquid to hit the throat. Most users who experience this slight inconvenience adjust accordingly as they get more comfortable with using the kit. A small tip for anyone who is new to the Aspire 1300 is to keep the tank as full as possible at all times. This will prevent gurgling noises during vape.

The SR72 1300 Mig-Aspire BVC also has a power meter in the button, which allows it to change colors, based on how much battery life is left. When fully charged, the button will light up white. As the user consumes 50% of the power the light becomes blue. It turns red when there is only 20% of the battery power remaining.

Charging is virtually hassle-free, with both a wall adapter and a USB cord that can be used with any wall outlet or computer/laptop. The USB has a green light that illuminates when the unit is charging, which is useful. The unit can also be charged using other chargers, so old chargers from previous units or brands can be repurposed for this device.

Although the whole unit has a somewhat bulky size, any practical user would understand that every space it consumes translates into real functional parts.

Vapor Production and Performance: The vapor production is fantastic and anyone looking for consistent, thick, and full-flavored vapor will fall in love with the SR72 1300 Mig-Aspire BVC. Depending on his or her mood, the user can adjust the amount of vapor that it produces using variable voltage in upgraded batteries. Nevertheless, the quality of the vapor is unfailing once the preferred voltage is chosen.

The tank holds close to 3 ml of e-liquid and is a dual bottom coil tank that makes sure every drop of liquid is held in the right place and is ready to be transformed into clouds of vapor.

Battery Life and Atomizers: With 1300mAh of “xtreme batteries”, one can get around 8 hours of vaping with one full charge. Using 510 threading, the batteries included in the kit can be used with other tanks/atomizers. It has an LED power meter that tells the user how much battery is left. The unit has BVC, or bottom vertical coil, that utilizes better atomizer performance with a 1.8 ohm resistance. The coils can be replaced, thus the unit offers like-new performance at all times.


Additional Details

The SR72 1300 Mig-Aspire BVC Vapor Kit includes two batteries that come in three colors and designs to choose from: stainless steel, rainbow laser metal, and black. It can be upgraded to variable voltage batteries or to the Phantom 1600 Silver or Black.

There are also 29 flavors of e-liquid that Mig Cigs offers, in 6 nicotine levels that are made to match every user’s taste. The carry case, which is surprisingly sturdy, comes in white, black, pink, or red.

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Mig Cigs SR72 Aspire 1300 Kit
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