Mig Vapor Review (Formerly MigCigs)

Selection: 80%
Vapor Quality: 95%
Value for Money: 97.5%
Our Verdict: MigVapor’s success is mainly due to its continuous refinements and improvements to existing models to create better products that consistently outperform the usual generic e-cigarette models other companies routinely offer.
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10% Off Coupon

Shop at MigVapor.com with our exclusive 10% discount! Use the revealed code at the checkout and get 10% OFF your ENTIRE ORDER!

Mig Vapor’s Best Products

Mig 21 Vapor Kit

BeginnersPrice: $79.95

Mig-Cigs21-electronic-cigarettesThe Mig 21 Vapor e-cig made Mig Vapor one of the top e-cigarette brands available. It features a 380 mah battery (the highest capacity cig-a-like in the market today). It also comes with a low-resistance tank, which, when combined with the 4.2 volt output of the battery, produces massive clouds of vapor and an authentic mouth feel.

The Mig 21 Vapor Kit is perfect for beginners to ease the transition from smoking to vaping, yet it is powerful enough that more experienced users opt to stay with it, rather than move on to more advanced units

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MigVapor Minion Kit

BeginnersPrice: $79.95

MigVapor Minion Mod

We have given Minion Vape Mod the nick “the tiny giant” because, despite its small size, it offers amazingly powerful sub-ohm vaping experience. Its biggest selling is sub ohming without any hassle, as it has a single button, charges with a USB, and adjusts wattage automatically for any of the two sub-ohm coils included in the kit. However, the mod doesn’t pack enough power and fires up to just 30 watts.

The low power, however, increases the overall potential of the 3000mAh battery many times. It can last for up to a whole day of intense vaping and for several days of infrequent vaping. Durable build, high performance, and affordable price make the Minion a perfect entry level sub-ohm mod.

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SR72 Aspire 1300 Kit

Beginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $99.95

SR72 Aspire 1300 KitTaking the generic e-cig starter kit to the next level, Mig Vapor offers the SR72 1300 Mig-Aspire BVC Vapor Kit. Designed for advanced users, the kit features two high capacity 1300 mah batteries that continuously put out 4.2 volts (with the option to upgrade to variable voltage).

Bundled with the batteries are two SR72 Aspire tanks made by one of the top tank makers in the industry today and with BVC coils installed. Also included in the box are: one 5-pack of replacement BVC coils, one white SR72 carrying case, a 30ml bottle of e-liquid, and a manual.

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Neo Sub-Ohm Vape Mod Kit

Beginners and Advanced UserPrice: $119.95

Neo Vape Mod

Neo is one of latest mods by Mig Vapor that comes with all the cutting-edge features of a modern vaporizer. The 100W mod features a 4500mAh battery, an outsized 4 ml transparent tank (that can be filled from top as well as bottom), and two sub-ohm Kanthal coils of 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm. The rounded edges add to the overall elegantly ergonomic design. Just like other mods by Mig Vapor, the Neo Vape Mod has a USB charging port.

We loved how its wide bore drip tip ensures better heat dissipation. The extremely powerful 4500mAh battery can last for good three days on a single charge. However, the mod doesn’t feature an OLED display or wattage control, and is comparatively expensive.

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Mig Vapor Morpheus Mod

Beginners and Intermediate UsersPrice: $99.95

Morpheus Mod

The Mig Vapor Morpheus Vape mod is all about contemporary design, sturdy build and hassle-free sub-ohming. Available in black and silver, and made of stainless steel and carbon fiber, this elegant mod can last for years. It comes with a 3ml tank and two sub-ohm coils (0.2ohm and 0.4ohm). The 3000mAh battery allows for flavorful, extended vaping sessions and the USB port makes charging a snap.

With just one button, the Morpheus is easy to use, and the removable parts make clean up very easy. The smart mod adjusts temperature automatically for the coil you throw at it. The great overall vaping experience makes up for the few downsides such as lack of voltage control and a missing LED screen.

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X-5 Mini Mig Kit

Beginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $49.95

Moving on to mod kit territory, the X-5 Mini Mig Kit offers users a box mod that’s small in size, yet powerful enough to put out up to 5 volts of power. With a very capable 1050 mah battery, the X-5 Mini Mig works perfectly with the bundled Mig Vapor-designed X-5 tank that takes in BDC coils.

Also included in the box is one USB charging cable, one Ego to 510 adapter, one 5-pack replacement 1.5 ohm BDC coils, and one free bottle of 30 ml e-liquid.

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MigQuid E-Liquid

EveryonePrice: $5.95 and up

MigQuid — E-liquids by Mig Cigs.Available in three lines: MigQuid Standard, MigQuid Red, and Mig Vapor Stock, the lines of e-liquid Mig Vapor, catering to different tastes.

The standard line of MigQuid is a 50/50 blend of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycol (VG). This e-juice is perfect for tank users and flavor lovers. The 50/50 blend gives users more vapor with less throat hit for a smoother vape.

The MigQuid Red Line, on the other hand, is an 80% VG and 20% PG blend that gives users maximum flavor. This mix is great for tanks, drippers, and sub-ohm users looking to produce massive clouds of vapor.

Finally, there’s the Mig Vapor stock e-liquid. With a blend of 80% PG and 20% VG, this line of e-juice is ideal for new users looking for maximum throat hit to simulate the feel of smoking analog cigarettes.

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Additional Details

A brand worth looking out for, Mig Vapor has impressed many users through its range of kits that cater to all levels of users. The company’s 4.2 volt philosophy guarantees customers that no matter what kit they choose, they aren’t sacrificing vape quality or performance.

From the basic Mig 21 Vapor kit to the more advanced UFO V2 2200 Watt package, users are assured of getting their money’s worth, as evidenced by the numerous high ratings their products consistently get.

QuitDay.org recommends Mig Vapor‘s e-cigarette kits as worthy alternatives to smoking cigarettes. With well-designed packages that combine portability and power at affordable prices, and e-liquid offerings that cater to differing tastes, it’s safe to say that the people behind Mig Vapor value customer satisfaction above everything else.

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