Building Your Own Mech Mod

How to Make Mech Mod

hand-made-mech-modAfter some months or years using a vape pen, some users would like to upgrade their vape setup. Most likely, they’d want to try out rebuildables, both to be able to customize their vape and to save money.

The best mod to use for rebuildables is a mech mod. Easy to operate and simple to maintain, mech mods are the preferred device for many users when it comes to using rebuildables. There are some risks to using a mech mod; however, if one uses proper batteries and does not overtax its limitations, one will be okay.

Instead of shelling out for a new mod, one can save a lot by building their own. Additionally, by creating one for themselves, one can customize its design any way they want.

What You Need to Build Your Own Mech Mod

 A mech mod is simply a battery holder, a 510 connection, and some way to course power from the battery to the connection. This can be either by wires or in the case of a tube mod, through the body itself.

The first thing you need is the body, something that can hold your battery. Some use old battery containers or an empty mint tin can while others take an old copper tube. Whichever body you choose make sure it can fit your battery (with springs), has extra space for wiring, and can easily be altered to add holes.

The easiest to use is an old mint tin can (many use Altoids), which will be used for the purpose of this project. For the battery spring, some users recycle the copper springs in old toys, while others take out the contacts in old chargers. However, for your safety, copper springs are recommended. This is because copper springs melt when the battery gets too hot, and once melted it cuts the connection. Copper springs are easily bought in any DIY or hardware store and can be replaced without much fuss.

One would also need a 510 connector. This is the part where atomizers are screwed on to. These can be bought individually in some vape stores though there are users who simply repurpose the old ones from their broken mods or vape pens. Wires are also needed as well.

A button to fire the device is also required. These can also be taken from old mods, or can be bought in vape or hardware stores. There are different kinds of buttons available, so choose the one that feels and looks right to you.

The tools you’ll need are a soldering gun, soldering wire, wire cutter, tweezers, and something to cut holes on the tin can. If you find it difficult to cut holes, you can mark the areas that need cutting and take it to a machine shop or a metal worker. They can do it for you for free if you ask nicely.

The Process of building a mech mod

 Before starting, it is best to map out the build you will be doing. Put in the springs, the wires, the battery, the connector, and the button without soldering anything yet so you will have a rough idea how to work. This is also the time to mark where the holes in the tin case will be made.

Cut out the holes in the case, or bring it to a professional if you do not have the necessary tools. Once the holes are in place, put on the button and connector but without soldering. This is so that you have a reference as to the length of wires needed.

Take the positive end of your battery holder then solder a piece of wire onto it, connecting to the positive end of the 510 connector. The 510 connector’s positive end is the middle part of its bottom while the side is the negative end. Once soldered, take another piece of wire and attach it to the negative end of the 510 connector. Solder this wire to one of the soldering points of the button. Buttons usually have two solder points. Take another piece of wire, solder it to the other soldering point of the button, then link it to the copper spring. Make sure that the copper spring has something to sit on that is not conductive.

Once all the wires have been set, test the connection first by putting the battery in and attaching an atomizer. If it is not working, try to see if any part of the circuit is broken, and reattach them. If all is working, you can then attach them all into place.

Solder the 510 connector and button, then the battery posts (both negative and positive). The wires may be tricky to work with, so use the tweezers to help you arrange them in place. One can glue the wires to hold them down, or you can just leave them so it would be easy to replace if it wears down.

When the soldering is done, you can start using your mech mod. Insert the battery and attach an atomizer, and you are ready to vape.

Other Projects

The above is all you need to do to make a simple mech mod. However, if you are good at reading schematics and electronics, you can add resistors and fuses to add some safety features. If you think you can handle it, a DNA board can be inserted as well. DNA chips can be bought from Evolv or from vape stores that sell DIY materials. Schematics for the DNA board is available online.

Even the body can be customized if you have the skill. Wooden blocks can be shaped to whatever you like. Some use exotic woods so you can try that if you can. There are some who use a 3D printer to print out the body style of their choice. If you do not have any wood making skills or don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can hire someone to do it. Just make sure you give exact dimensions.

There are also users who buy cheap Chinese clones or devices, then swap out the electronics for higher-specced ones. Once you start making your own mod, the possibilities are limitless. One can even make a decent living out it by selling their mods to other, less DIY-inclined, vapers.

Big Bucks Not Needed

 One can create mods of the same quality as the $500 and above ones if they know how to work their way around schematics and electronics. The biggest cost may be the body, but unless you are working with exotic woods, one can use repurposed furniture. There’s one modder who creates beautiful mech mods out of old railroad ties. Another uses old, discarded doors.

You do not need to spend a small fortune for a mod. One can be created for less than $5, or in the case of DIY DNA mods, less than $50. Vaping should be fun. Don’t stress yourself out saving up for the latest mod. Create one for yourself. A mod created with your own hands tend to perform better (at least to your eyes. Pride is a powerful thing).