Celebs Who’ve Taken Up Vaping

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Vaping Stars

Vaping has slowly risen to popularity, with many ex-smokers taking e-cigs over cigarettes to kick the habit for good. One of the signs that vaping is slowly permeating pop culture is when celebrities start using them.

Whether it is because they want to genuinely quit smoking, or they just want to get on the bandwagon, it does not matter. Celebrities endorsing e-cigarettes and vaping is always a good thing to lure smokers aware from the death sticks.

Here is a short list of some of the celebrities who’ve taken up vaping.

Who Are They?

Charlie Sheen

For someone whose only claim to fame recently was for his vices and shenanigans, having Charlie Sheen use and endorse e-cigarettes sends a very powerful message. Although Sheen has invested into e-cigs and serves as the face of NicoSheen, it is not sure if he has completely quit the habit. However, his involvement in the industry is a good thing nonetheless.

Ryan Seacrest

The busiest man in Hollywood, Ryan Seacrest has been seen at various functions and events toting an e-cig. It is hard to be busy when you are gasping for air.

Simon Cowell

A polarizing figure in the entertainment business, Simon Cowell has sworn off smoking after suffering from a collapse in 2012. Switching to vaping, the music mogul aims to live a healthier lifestyle. Many vape blogs picked the story up when he was first spotted using an e-cig. It is that big a deal.

Lindsay Lohan

Another celebrity who is known more for her antics than her recent work, Lindsay Lohan seems to be turning over a new leaf slowly but surely by swearing off smoking for e-cigs.

Kate Moss

The waifish model purportedly paid £2,000 to have her favorite brand of e-cigarettes flown in from England to Spain because of her cravings. Her commitment not to succumb to the temptations of smoking is admirable. The act may seem too much, but given here annual earning, £2,000 is chump change for her. The model took up vaping to avoid the aging symptoms of cigarettes, which can be a problem in her line of work.

Zayn Malik

The teen heartthrob seems intent on making a major lifestyle change, first by quitting the popular boy band, One Direction, then taking up e-cigarettes. He has been seen using one in many of his travels, and it looks like Malik’s life is taking a turn for a healthier tomorrow.

Bruno Mars

The popular singer was pushed to drop tobacco from his life when his mother passed away from a brain aneurysm. He has since traded cigarettes for NJOY e-cigs and promises to be tobacco-free.

Milla Jovovich

The actress was seen using e-cigarettes in the movie Cymbeline. While the movie was not a huge success, the mere fact that she used an e-cigarette in a movie is seen as a strong message in favor of vaping.

Leonardo DeCaprio

The Titanic star has been seen numerous times over the years puffing on an e-cig. In one of the latest photos, Leo was seen sporting a box mod, which may mean that he is serious about vaping as the rest of us.

One of the sure signs of something gaining traction in popularity is when a celebrity uses it. Here’s a list of celebs who’ve taken up vaping over smoking.

Ex-smokers, whether famous or not, are looking to e-cigarettes as an effective means to stop smoking. It is nice to see celebrities take up vaping, as it gives an air of legitimacy to the effectiveness of the devices. It also attracts smokers to start giving vaping a try.