Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen Kit Review — Worth the Price?

Dr. Dabber has renamed and repackaged the Aura and introduced it as the Aurora. Dr. Dabber’s Aurora Vaporizing Pen Kit has a different assembly component, Snaptech magnets, and a creative design that changes the playing field for lovers of vaping. When you add the quartz-lined atomizers and the triple heat settings, you are going to really enjoy the ease and convenience of this vaping pen.

Aura Vape Pen


Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizing Pen Kit retails for $99.99, a little bit on the pricey side. But this vaporizing pen has innovations that are definitely worth the money. The Snaptech magnets make loading the pen and fitting the components together a breeze. The pen comes apart in three pieces, and instead of screwing the parts back together with threads, Dr. Dabber’s Aurora just snaps together. They keep the pieces perfectly taut and not too hard to pull apart. You’ll be able to disassemble the Aurora painlessly, but don’t have to worry about it falling apart mid-pull.
Aura Vape Pen Design and Features

The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizing Pen is designed for those who love vaping oils and waxes. With three heat settings, you can customize the device to maximize the flavor for your individual blend. This kind of customization is expected with higher-end devices like the Aurora.

Dr. Dabber is known for their “less heat, more flavor” brand and they have come through again with the deepest vapor and long, flavorful draws for thicker clouds.

The most notable features of this vape pen include:

  • 3 Different Heat Settings
  • Magnetic Connections (Snaptech)
  • 3 Different Atomizers
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece
Vapor Quality vs. Vapor Quantity is an Issue

3 atomizers included in the kit

The vapor quality is excellent in part because you have the choice of three atomizers. When you pick the perfect atomizer for your needs, you will have aromatic vapor and subtle flavors that are satisfying and rich.

If you use waxes, the Ceramic Halo Atomizer does not use wicks so it gives a nice, slow, even draw. Vapers will enjoy the Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer because of its ability to decrease the residual bitter taste of the blending substances. It gives an even and consistent draw also. We also recommend checking out our best dab pens section to see other good vape pens for your concentrates. 

The last atomizer is the Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizer, designed for low viscosity waxes. It is just as reliable as the other atomizers for producing thick, substantial vapor. This is a slow draw vaporizing pen, needing 10 seconds of draw to get the full effect and taste. It does not produce large clouds of vapor, so don’t expect them.

Great Design Qualities

The design of the Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizing Pen is brilliant. It looks sleek with a stylish but discreet outer flat black shell. The LED lights are a slick touch, fun but not too flashy. The Snaptech magnets are the best feature, so easy to use and without any mess or leaks. The magnets are very easy to clean because of the flat surfaces, and they don’t need anything other than the usual cleaning materials.

The vaporizing pen comes with two mouthpieces instead of just a singlet. There is the regular contoured ceramic mouthpiece that is fitted to lips, but there’s also the option of the shotgun dual-barrel mouthpiece, designed to prevent clogging.

The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizing Pen has three available heat settings, which are identifiable by the LED lights. This is a three button system that toggles from low, medium, and high. The triple heating option is a plus from a portable vaporizing pen—this is the only one on the market with this unique feature.

The Aurora is very easy to use. The three button start-up routine requires you to wait while it cycles through the LEDs before you can vape. This means it won’t accidentally start up in your pocket if you bump the button, which is a plus.

The Snaptech innovation can’t be overstated here: it’s simply a snap and a click for fast assembly and clean-up is fast and easy.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen: the Final Word

The positives

  • The snap-together fittings are effective, easy, and a brilliant innovation
  • The battery has a USB charger for convenience.
  • The Aurora looks like a regular pen but has the features usually associated with a desktop model.
  • The Aurora comes with a one-year, no questions asked return policy, so if you’re not satisfied you can send it back.

The negatives

  • Not as much customization as you would expect, with only three heat settings
  • The three button process means a longer wait and can be confusing at first
  • The battery life is not improved
  • The matte finish, while attractive, could be more sturdy
  • It only produces small vapor clouds

Dr. Dabber has pulled off a groundbreaking innovation for vaporizing pens. The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizing Pen Kit delivers a superb, customizable pen that can be adjusted for three kinds of waxes and oils, with three heat settings and two mouthpieces. The variations can make vaping a smooth, delicious event for relaxed enjoyment. The superior ability to create a setting for every situation in a portable pen is a bonus for your vaping experience.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen
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