The SMOK TFV8 Tank – Unleashing the Cloud Beast

Smok TFV8 Sub Ohm Tank Review

The most recent product from SMOK is an enhanced rendition of the TFV4 (Taste Furious) known as the SMOK TFV8 sub-ohm tank. It’s perhaps best known as the “Cloud Beast.” Look at our in-depth review of one of the most in-demand sub-ohm tank to date.

Just when we thought that the Chinese company SMOK had reached the limit of their Taste Furious (TF) line of sub-ohm tanks and RTAs, along comes the powerful TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank. The prices for the SMOK TFV8 tank vary between $26 and $40, with the lower price range being offered by Chinese supplier sites and the higher prices found on most retail sites in America.

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Heating System

With a 0.15-ohm head with eight coils (yes, you read that right) pre-installed and an astounding 50-260 wattage, the SMOK TFV8 tank kit also comes with a few additional heads. These heads include a 0.15-ohm quadruple coil head with a range of 50-180W, a 0.26-ohm Turbo RBA head with preinstalled dual Clapton coils and a 50-140W range. Additionally, a 0.2-ohm sextuple coil head is available for purchase, with a power rating of 50-240W. SMOK has truly outdone itself this time with a device that caters to the wishes of expert hardcore vapers and delivers incredible performance.

The company has also given a lot of thought to the design of the TFV8, which features robust and precise build quality. Take the swiveling cap top fill for instance, a patented feature of the Taste Furious series; already it was one of the best filling methods, and now it’s been improved and the tank capacity has been increased. It’s safe to say that the TFV8 is SMOK’s best-built tank of their entire sub-ohm and RTA product lineup to date.


Just like the TFV4, the TFV8 sucks up e-liquid up like nothing else. While this may seem unfortunate, its a necessity for devices that produce heavy clouds. Such contraptions are designed not for extended use but for power.

The TFV8 has thrill seekers and cloud chasers in mind, vapers who want insane amounts of vapor. It’s still surprisingly versatile despite this, and features a wide wattage range.


The TFV8 boasts thick clouds that are guaranteed to fill the room. But just how does it rank when it comes to flavor? We are pleased to say that the TFV8 is not just a good display act, but also gives great flavor. The most accurate word to describe the flavor produced by the TFV8 would be “dense,” but “deep” and “rich” also do justice to the experience. The coil heads won’t be able to provide optimum flavor at 50-60W, requiring at least 70W to develop real flavor.

As mentioned previously, the TFV8 is designed to be powerful in all aspects in order to provide an intense vaping experience. We’d say that it delivers well.

Smok TFV8 Sub Ohm Tank Review

Turbo RBA Deck

Skepticism surrounding RBA decks created for sub-ohm tanks is not uncommon. More often than not the decks are cheap and cramped. It was a pleasant surprise, then, to see that the Turbo RBA deck in the box was an independent coil head. The build was impressive, and the deck is easy to build and quite large.

This is hands down the best RBA deck in a sub-ohm tank that we’ve ever used because of the dual Clapton coils. The deck is somewhat like an RTA and does not use up all the liquid like the octuple and quad coil heads do, and the vape output is terrific.


In the SMOK TFV8 Tank kit, you will receive a TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank, an octuple 0.15-ohm coil head, a quadruple 0.15ohm coil head, an exclusive 0.28-ohm turbo RBA head, some spare parts, a replacement glass tube, and a user manual.


Although we really really like the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank, the target market is a very specialized one – extreme vapers who want absolute maximum power. These vapers probably have already tried other sub-ohm tanks and will definitely be satisfied with the TFV8. This device is also more flexible than other sub-ohm tanks, and can perform pretty well at 100W and a just below. If you’re intigrued by this device’s specifications or are a cloud chaser looking for a little flexibility, we can recommend the SMOK TFV8 wholeheartedly.

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