A Review of the Smok Alien Kit – An Out-of-this-World Mod

 A Review of the Smok Alien Kit – An Out-of-this-World Mod

Today, we are looking at the newest mod by Smok, the Alien kit. People have been requesting this review for a long time and here it is.

This mod and tank combo will fill up your room with creamy white clouds of vapor in no time. It packs quite a surprising punch for such a compact device. The secret behind this success is the combination of a capable sub-ohm tank atomizer and a powerful mod. Let’s look at both pieces of the puzzle, shall we?

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 A Review of the Smok Alien Kit – An Out-of-this-World Mod

Alien Mod

The differences in the color combinations are the color of the stripes running through its body and frames the large LCD screen. These colors come in black, white, orange and gold and match the o-ring color of the TVF8 tank atomizer in the box. The device feels very solid in your hands and gives the impression that it is actually smaller than it is. It can be fired through a grip or by pressing my thumb on its side, no fiddling around to find the fire button.

The mod could easily pass as a single battery mod but I was pleasantly surprised that it holds two 18650 batteries. This certainly improves the battery life and length of my vaping sessions before I start looking for a USB plug. The 200-watt maximum power output, while an impressive number, is a bit high for most vapers, and really eats up e-liquid.

Another cool detail on the Alien mod is that it has jumbo signs inside the battery compartment and has a neat carbon fiber cover on the back. There are colored manuals and battery safety cards inside the box for those vapers who are just starting out.

The Baby Beast

Any newbie vaper would feel right at home with a group of veteran vapers when he has the Baby Beast sub ohm tank at his arsenal. The TFV8 blows out large plumes of vapor effortlessly with its octuplet coils. Of course, we all know that good vapor production needs a good supply of air flowing through the coil and the baby beast has air holes that can be adjusted for both cloud and flavor chasers.

The kit contains two premade atomizer heads, a dual coil and an octuplet coil that has the recommended wattage level printed on its side. If you prefer a hotter vape, you can raise the wattage without fear of dry hits. The Delrin drip tip does its job well, keeping your lips safe and cool even if the tank gets hot from chain hits.

I didn’t find any faults on this tank atomizer except the exclusion of a rebuildable deck. Maybe this kit is aimed towards new vapers and an attempt to keep the overall price low.

 A Review of the Smok Alien Kit – An Out-of-this-World Mod



The Alien kit carries more power than any vaper needs when pushed to 200 watts.  Charging the Alien mod is as simple as plugging in a mini USB plug to your existing phone charger.

Battery life is great with its dual battery configuration and would easily last you a full day of heavy vaping. Since the kit is small it is also very light, which makes it very easy to carry around in your pocket.


Smok has been known to offer quality devices and it’s hard to find big faults that would make vapers turn away and look somewhere else. The inclusion of a rebuildable deck would sweeten the deal, but is ultimately unnecessary.

Atomizers that have a 25mm or bigger diameter will leave an unsightly overhang on the side of the device.    


Smok has put good attention to each minute detail on the Alien kit, it contains extra goodies like an extra glass tank for your atomizer and two rubber bands to protect your tank in case you drop your device. The manual and warning cards detail the do’s and don’ts of safe battery usage.

It’s a very good first device for new vapers and will also be welcome addition an enthusiast’s rotation of devices. The only hard decision now is deciding what color to get!

Smok Alien Kit
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