Kanger’s Mods and Tanks

One of the most famous Chinese brands, Kanger has been around for several years. The brand surged into popularity in recent years, due in large part to its excellent Subtank. However, aside from the tank and its subsequent iterations, the brand has also churned out top-notch mods that have piqued the interest of the vaping community.

Today we review several Kanger products and give our thoughts on the brand as a whole. Spoiler alert: the brand is slowly moving up to the top with its excellent products.


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Kanger Topbox Nano Box Mod

topbox_nano-box-modGeared towards users who want an all-in-one package, the Topbox Nano TC Starter Kit is not just for new vapers but for advanced users as well.

The mod itself is a compact powerhouse, capable of putting out up to 60 watts of power while the tank is a smaller version of the company’s famous Subtank. The tank was specially designed for the mod so one can expect superior performance from the combo. We loved the kit as a whole, which is both compact and powerful. Also, since the tank and mod match perfectly, everything lines up smoothly with no overhang.

Everything is powered by a single 18650, which can last two days for moderate vapers, and most of the day for heavy users. The battery door is magnetic, so changing batts is easy. Aside from variable wattage and variable voltage, the Topbox Nano also has temperature control (TC). While the applications of TC may be limited to Nichrome or titanium coils, we found that sourcing these materials is worth it. When we fired the mod’s TC mode, we never had to deal with burnt wicks or tastes.

The tank, on the other hand, has a 3.2ml capacity, which is more than enough for the casual user. Heavy vapers, on the other hand, should expect one or two refills a day. Fortunately, refilling the tank is easy. Unlike the Subtank and Subtank Mini, the TopTank has a top fill design that makes refilling a breeze.

New users who are interested in this kit will find everything they’ll need for the next several years. However, before operating the mod, new users should ask an experienced vaper to teach them safety tips on how to use an advanced device. Nevertheless, for less than $70, users will get a highly capable device that performs as well as it looks.

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Kanger KBOX 200 TC Mod

Kanger KBOX 200Serious vapers, cloud chasers, and even flavor seekers who want the option to go cloud chasing will find that the KBOX 200 TC Mod will suit their needs. We do not go more than 75 watts, but the option to go higher is there, and we would rather have an excess of wattage than be limited to low power.

The KBOX 200 is being flouted by Kanger as its more advanced mod to date with a slew of technological advancements that include top notch safety protections. Because of its many features, Kanger has stamped these mods with anti-counterfeiting serial numbers to ensure authenticity. We welcome these features with open arms and hope to see other manufacturers follow suit in terms of breaking new ground.

Two 18650 batteries power the mod that makes it a bit larger than its single battery competitors. The decision to go with two batteries is to make sure users do not have to change batts often, especially when vaping at 200 watts – which can drink up power like a hungry camel.

The mod does not come with a tank, which makes sense since this is designed for advanced users who most likely already have tanks and atomizers in their vape cabinet. We use our unit with a Kanger Subtank Mini, and the combination is sublime – perfect tasting vape with every puff, especially when temperature control is used.

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Kanger Subtank Mini

Kanger-subtank-miniWe start with the aforementioned Subtank. This is the Mini version, which is a more compact version of the original Subtank though the performance of both is the same. The only main difference is the size, of course, and how much e-liquid can be stored in the tank.

The Kanger Subtank Mini is a very stylish tank, with a metal frame, red O-rings that act as highlights, and a robust tank. There is also an airflow control ring at the bottom that clicks into place. This helps reduce accidentally turns during transport or use. Inside the tank, there is a chimney that is attached to the top part of the tank. Unlike older tanks that have the chimney attached to the bottom part, the updated design allows users to replace the coil head, or even rebuild a new one, without having to empty the tank first. We find this to be especially useful and makes coil or head changes much easier.

The Kanger Subtank Mini is designed for beginners and advanced users alike. Using it is very easy compared to other tanks and it is a great entry tank for new vapers to get into sub-ohm vaping. The tank is easily customizable as well to make it the go-to tank for advanced users.

For new vapers who do not know how to build their coils, the Subtank Mini has replaceable coil heads that users can easily screw on once the old one gives way. There are two replacement heads included in the box, and additional heads can be purchased separately.

There’s a reason the Kanger Subtank Mini is one of the more popular sub-ohm tanks on the market today – it works superbly. The build quality is top-notch, it is easy to use, and most importantly, it performs excellently.

New users will find comfort in how easy it is to replace the coil heads while advanced users will appreciate the easy to build deck and tremendous vapor production.

Most sub-ohm tanks are usually designed for advanced users, but the Kanger Subtank Mini is made for vapers of all levels. No matter your vaping experience, the Subtank Mini is worth a try. It performs so well that you might make it your primary tank after trying it.

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Wrapping Up

Kanger may have been around for several years, but it was only recently that they gained international acclaim for their products. Particularly their range of Subtanks. As the brand grows, the products they also offer  grow in quality and performance, yet they still retain the affordability that most vapers love.

Chinese brands have taken a bad rap due to the many issues users have to deal with their products. While there are still sub-par vaping products from China, Kanger has proven to be one of the best. Offering great quality mods and other vaping paraphernalia for similar prices as that of fake Chinese knock-offs, Kanger is fast growing to be one of the most sought after bang-for-buck brands on the market today.

Even if you have a fear of any vape product that’s Chinese-made, Kanger may change your mind. The brand has proven that high quality does not require a high price.

  • Alex Miller

    Kanger really makes good quality products for both noobs and old vapers. I use their Subtank Mini with 30-watt eLeaf box mod http://gypsyvapes.com/starter-kits for a few months without any problems, it’s easy enough for vape-beginners to maintain.

  • I just bought the kbox/toptank mini 75 watt starter kit and I love it! Paired it with an Imren 18650 high drain 30 amp battery and I am very pleased with its ease of use, features etc. This mod is great for an all day vape, with a 4 ml. tank. The tank is top filed and does not leak after the initial fill.

    Janet developed this box for sub ohm vaping. I get lots of flavor and vapor at only 20 watt, and can produce a huge cloud with the wattage turned up.