Best E-Nails & E-Rigs in 2016: Buying Guide and Reviews

Gone are the days when the torch-and-fire methods were the order of the day in the vaping and dabbing world. New technology has allowed for better and more efficient methods including e-nails and e-rigs. With these options, the user has the luxury of electronic heating elements that help to vaporize the wax or oil concentrates.

Best E-Rigs and E-nails Reviewed

The best part about e-nails and e-rigs is how users can vape at a constant, controlled temperature. E-nails allow you to vape more efficiently and with better results. You have to note, however, that e-nails are not like e-cigs. They can’t be used with e-liquids, tobacco or nicotine. They are reserved for use with legal herb wax concentrates and also with aromatherapy dabs.

Vaping’s popularity has jumped tremendously in recent years, not only because of the aesthetic appeal of the devices, but also because vaping offers a better, more efficient and cleverer way of dabbing concentrates. Needless to mention the ability to get more consistent vaporization provides a better and richer experience.

If you’re in the market looking for your first e-nail or even seeking to get something more advanced, here are the some of the best options that will not disappoint.

Top 5 E-Nails and E-Rigs

To get more out of your love for vaping, you definitely need a great device to make that experience happen. We will save you the endless trial and error and research on the different features and products with this Top 5 review and allow you get a great unit without having to invest as much time and energy.

  1. SOURCE Nail Vaporizer
    $ 199.95

Source Nail E-RigThe SOURCE nail Vaporizer is a surprising entry on the list, perhaps, but not unexpected. It packs quite a number of features in an extremely small stature—which is where the surprise lies. It is one of the e-nails built for the on-the-go use and all its features scream portability.

The SOURCE nail Vaporizer features three different atomizers, all of which are coil-less. One is made from ceramic, another from grade 2 titanium and the other from quartz. With each of the different materials, the user gets a different vapor experience, resulting in a diversity of tastes and experiences. To make it even better, the unit comes with a temperature-controlled base battery that gives the user more flexibility.

To reduce the harshness of the vapor, the unit also comes with a bubbler, which is more like a bong attachment. You can use this with water and, because of the design, you don’t need to take a seat to be able to use the set-up. If you feel that the bubbler is not for you, you also have the option of using the glass dome attachment.

The features of the SOURCE nail vaporizer are unending. But, it would be an injustice not to mention the fact that it toes the line between e-nail and a box mod. Even though relatively small, this little unit packs a heavyweight punch in terms of performance and delivery.  The cleaning and assembly of the atomizer nail are very easy

Features and Accessories

  • Source Volt 40 W Temperature Control Box Mod Sub Ohm Battery
  • Nail Attachment
  • Glass Nail Globe
  • Coil-less Titanium Atomizer, Coil-less Quartz Atomizer, Coil-less Ceramic Atomizer
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Portable E-Nail / E-Rig
  • Water Filtration Bubbler
  • 40 W Temperature Control Sub Ohm Battery
  • Metal Travel Case
  • Quartz Carb Cap
  • Dab Tool
  1. White Rhino Torrid E-nail

Torrid E-nailIf you’re looking to enjoy dabbing and vaping with the convenience of portability, but you’re not willing to sacrifice performance, the White Rhino Torrid E-nail offers you that and much more. It is the first 100% portable and rechargeable e-nail that comes with a built-in reclaimer. It is definitely a game changer especially for those that prefer to use waxy oils. Typically, you will have a unit that requires a power cord, but that is not the case with this particular one.
The design of the product is utterly simple, but elegant, making using the unit a breeze for anyone. You can attach it to a water piece with the device’s 6-in-1 adapter. It is the epitome of convenience and portability. Even better, its design is closer to a large vape.

The design also features two air pins. Both of them are easily removable for cleaning and also to maximize on the flow of clean air. These also allow you to tweak your experience and switch up how you use your device.

Features and Accessories

  • Clear Cap
  • Triple Coil Ceramic Rod Atomizer
  • Reclaimer
  • 2 Air Passage Pins
  • 6-in-1 Adapter
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Wall Adapter
  • XL Dab Tool
  • White Rhino Wristband
  • Removable Air Passage Pins
  1. Dab Ninja E-Nail

Dab Ninja E-NailThe Dab Ninja tops the chart courtesy of a variety features that it offers. The first is the fact that, unlike some of the other e-nails in the market, the Dab Ninja does not leave you in a financial hole. It is one of the most affordable yet effective dab stations that you will find on the market. To push the limits of delivery even further, the station includes a titanium-grade nail that is universally compatible and will fit just about any water device. This gives the user the flexibility to turn any piece into a high-powered dab station.

Given the immense temperatures that these stations are able to achieve, without the proper mechanisms, they can turn out to be their own worst enemies. To keep the Dab Ninja from succumbing to its own performance, it features built-in heat diffusion technology. This ensures that the glass does won’t break even under extreme pressure, and ultimately keeps the device working for longer, which is definitely a money-saving feature.

Getting an affordable e-nail that leaves you with enough money to buy quality concentrates might not be the easiest thing. With the Dab Ninja, however, you will have an affordable option, with top-of-the-class performance and an unbeatable experience that can be enjoyed for a very long time to come.
Features and Accessories

  • Digital Controller
  • Universal Grade 2 Titanium E-Nail
  • 20 mm Coil Heater
  • AC Power Cable
  • Instructional Booklet
  • 990 Degree Fahrenheit Temperature
  • Reaches Temperature in 30 Seconds
  • One Year Warranty
  1. Cloud V Electro Vaporizer

Cloud V Electro VaporizerLong-anticipated in the vaping circles, the Cloud V electro was finally released in the first quarter of 2016. Given its impressive feature set, it’s easy to see why it was so anticipated; the Cloud V does not disappoint.

The portable battery powered e-nail has quickly become a must-have device for dabbing enthusiasts. It is more versatile than most traditional e-nails and comes complete with an aqua bubbler, which can work as either a straight or side arm.

Right out of the box, the unit is neatly and compactly packed with plenty of foam to prevent damage during shipping. The light and portable design offers quite a number of amenities that you’re going to love among them being the two temperature settings that you can control by simply long pressing the power button. The aqua bubbler is easy to connect and the vapor quality is above and beyond anything that you would expect from such a small and neat gadget.

Features and Accessories

  • Electro 6000 mAh Battery
  • Glass Aqua Bubbler
  • Charging Base
  • 2 Titanium Nail
  • Charging adapter and cable
  • Dab Tool
  • Powerful 6000 mAh Battery
  • Glass Aqua Bubbler
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Two Heat Settings
  • Fast 15 Second Heat Up
  1. Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber BoostComing from one of the most trusted names in the dabbing world, this unit has more to prove than just offering a great experience. Luckily, it does not disappoint and more than lives up to the expectation. First and foremost, it happens to be one of the smallest e-rigs in the industry and is compact enough for you store anywhere while you’re on the go.

The Dr. Dabber boost vaporizer is easy to use and does not have any wicks or coils that you have to worry about. Even though it has an original version that you can use as the traditional e-rig, this particular one is more versatile with better features and functionality.

It is battery-powered and uses replaceable lithium ion batteries. This means that the user is able to keep backup batteries charged for use at any time. To give you the complete e-rig experience the dabber also comes with a glass attachment that has been upgraded to make it easier to attach and use. It also helps to get rid of the clogging issues or excessive build-up. All you do is enjoy your dabbing wherever you are without any problems.

The ceramic nail can be replaced and offers smoother, full-flavored dabs. Even though it takes longer to heat up, you will be able to save on the wax for longer and more casual sessions. There are also other types of nails that you can get for your Dr. Dabber Boost to fit the kind of experience that you’re looking for. If you want a fast and quick hit, you might want to consider the quartz or titanium nail options.

Features and Accessories

  • Boost E-Rig
  • Glass Water Attachment
  • Quartz Nail
  • Titanium Nail
  • Ceramic Nail
  • Magnetic Carb Cap
  • Magnetic Loading Tool
  • 2 Medial Grade Silicone Storage Containers
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Limited Edition Dr. Dabber Keychain
  • No Coils or Wicks
  • Portable E-Rig/E-Nail
  • Use it for Solid Wax Concentrates
  • Heats up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 Seconds
  • High-Quality Ceramic Heating Core
  • Includes a Glass Water Filtration Attachment

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best E-Nails

Compared to other options like smoking, e-nails and e-rigs are a relatively new technology. The highly technical gadgets are taking the market by storm largely because of their functionality and effectiveness. Not only do they allow you to vape and dab, they allow you to do it at a constant temperature so you’re able to get the best results.

The buying process can be a little confusing, considering the features and other factors that you have to consider. But don’t worry; you’re in the right place.


The first thing you want to look into is the price. E-nails and e-rigs can be very expensive. With some costing as much as $600, you might want to look around for something more affordable. The emphasis here is on the term “affordable,” not “cheap.” While considering the price, you need to weigh the features that you will get to enjoy against the price tag. Keep in mind that you will need to have enough spending money left for the actual concentrate.


Most e-rigs are designed to keep you glued to the wall socket. But if you’re the guy that likes to have his fun on the go, then without a doubt, you will need an e-nail that allows you to do just that. Thanks to new technology, there are units that are now fitted with batteries. While this offers you the ability to dab on the go, the battery capacity is a bit of a variable. You don’t want it to die too quickly. So, you need to consider the capacity of the battery when considering portability.


Unless you take particular interest on how your gadgets look, you don’t really need to pay too much attention to the customization. Usually this includes a custom-made skin wrap or may be a nail stand. However, you should know that these additions come at a higher price tag. But if you would like to give your dabbing station more of a personal feel, then it will be a worthwhile investment.


The durability of an e-rig is dictated by the build design and materials. If you manage to find that perfect product, you want to make sure that it will stick with you for a long time. That’s why durability is so important when making your purchase.

The difference can be in the material or in the design that allows the e-rig to handle regular use better. The stronger the material, the more durable it is. But remember, this might come at a cost of added weight, which is important to consider if you’re heavily considering portability.


When it comes to features, you’re spoiled for choice. There are already so many features out there, and there are more being added every day as better technology is released. 

However, the best approach is not to pick the newest and the best features. Instead, consider what you want from your e-nail. Keeping that in mind, you can choose features that are aligned with your requirements. That way, you get features that you can use and, more importantly, don’t driving up the price unnecessarily.

E-rigs are a great and more fun way to dab. They make the process fun and more involving. The technical approach not only calls for better understanding of the devices, but over the years it has allowed them to develop more of a cult-like following. It is what makes them so interesting. You just have to get the ideal unit for yourself, and then join in the fun. Keep in mind that choosing the right concentrate is just as important as getting the right e-nail.