Best E-Cig Tanks: Complete Guide and Reviews for 2016

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Most vapers, when starting out, often begin with starter kits that feature atomizers with cartridges. These are often disposable and are good for about 200 puffs before thrown away. After awhile, cartridges are not used anymore, and users start dripping straight onto the atomizer itself for more flavor.

Types of Tanks

There are two types of tanks – standard and sub-ohm. Standard tanks are usually used with fixed voltage or variable voltage devices that do not go over 10 to 12 watts of power. These are designed to give the best flavor out of a tank, at the expense of cloud chasing.

On the other hand, sub-ohm tanks are designed more for cloud chasing. Flavor is still good with the sub-ohm tanks, though because of its design, they are not as intense as with standard tanks. This is because the flow of liquid is much more efficient here to compensate the high temperatures of high wattage vaping.

When a standard tank is used for sub-ohm vaping, this will usually result in a burnt wick and taste. On the flip side, if a sub-ohm tank is used at standard wattage vaping, flooding of the atomizer will often result. However, in the hands of experienced vapers who are adept at making their wick and coils, the disadvantages of each can be easily overcome.

The Top 5 Sub-Ohm Tanks

Crown Subtank by Uwell

Sub-OhmPrice: $28.95

One of the newest tanks to be released, Uwell’s Crown Subtank is built like, well, a tank. The body is made from stainless steel while the tube is constructed out of quartz glass. Aside from the sturdy build quality, we were also impressed by its features. Such as top and bottom filling, the ability to support multiple coils, as well as dual airflow control.

The tank has a capacity of 4ml, which is fast becoming the standard for sub-ohm tanks. Depending on how you use it, it can easily last a day or two before needing a refill.

The Crown comes with three coil heads: two 0.25 ohms and one 0.5 ohms. There is also an additional quartz glass tube and a set of spare o-rings in case you lose or break the ones installed.

The coils come with Japanese cotton wicks to ensure clean flavor all the time, and the adjustable airflow control has a wide range that can satisfy both flavor seekers and cloud chasers.

It may not be a household name yet, but Uwell is making a name for itself with the Crown Tank. We will not be surprised when it achieves top tank status soon. We are that impressed with it.

Smok TFV4 Mini Tank

Sub-OhmPrice: $29.95

From one of the top manufacturers in the industry today, the Smok TFV4 Mini may be small in stature but is monstrous in performance.

Made out of stainless steel, the TFV4 Mini is solidly built and is similar to the larger, original TFV4 in performance and features. It has the same top fill design, air flow control, and a hinged top cap. The only difference is the 3.5ml capacity, which is not bad at all. We were able to make a filled tank last a day. Though for high wattage vapers, this may not be the case.

The TFV4 Mini comes with two prebuilt coils and an RBA base (with a prebuilt coil installed). We were pleased with the TFV4 Mini because of its high customization options. Depending on our moods, we can have a single coil installed, or a six coil head. Whether you want to go flavor over clouds, or vice versa, you can easily swap out the heads with the TFV4 Mini in no time.

Herakles Plus Tank by Sense

Sub-OhmPrice: $34.95

The successor to the hugely popular Herakles Tank, the Plus improves on the original by adding three features that make it even better. The first is the airflow, which now goes straight to the coil. The second feature is the ability to fill from the top. The third is a new coil system that improves both flavor and vapor production.

We found the new features to be well worth the upgrade. The airflow gives greater flavor than before while the top fill design makes filling easier than ever. As for the coils, not much can be said except that it is an amazing upgrade. Vapor production is even better, but without sacrificing flavor, which has also been improved over the old version.

The Herakles Plus is made of stainless steel with Pyrex glass tube, which makes the tank very durable. For advanced vapers looking to better their current tank setup, the Herakles Plus is worth a look-see.

Cyclone TC Sub-Ohm Tank by Sense

Sub-OhmPrice: $29.95

Sense claims that the Cyclone TC Sub-Ohm Tank is the best performing to date. Looking at the specs and how it performs in-hand, it is hard to argue otherwise.

The Cyclone has a top-fill design, and its atomizer head can be rebuilt. While some tanks offer this feature as well, not all can boast of being able to handle up to 150 watts of power. We were also surprised by the inclusion of multiple cooling systems which reduces the issue of accidentally burnt lips. We were also particularly fond of the tank’s splash proof system which significantly reduces spit back.

The tank itself is made of high-quality stainless steel making it hardy and durable. One of the largest on this list, the Cyclone can accommodate up to 5ml of e-liquid. Unless you are a heavy vaper that takes puffs every second, it is highly unlikely you’d need a refill before the day ends.

Performance-wise, the Cyclone delivers as promised, putting out clean and massive clouds. While the amount and density depend on one’s settings, coil resistance, and airflow, the Cyclone performs consistently and arguably better than most similarly specced tanks.

Tesla Tornado Sub Tank

Sub-OhmPrice: $18.95

One of the more visually appealing tanks on this list, we find that when it comes to sleek design, few can match the Tesla Tornado Sub Tank. But beauty is worth nothing if it does not perform. Good thing the Tesla Tornado’s features and overall performance matches its sleek exterior.

The Tornado features a top-fill design and has adjustable air holes on both the top and bottom, giving users a wide range of airflow options. Despite its smallish size, the Tornado can hold up to 4ml of e-juice, which is not bad at all.

Vapor comes in clean and tasty, and we rarely experienced burnt tastes. This is due in large part to the eight liquid holes within that ensure your wick stays saturated. The drip tip itself has an extra function in that it prevents leaks and spills when the tank is not upright.

The Top 3 Standard Tanks

1. VaporFi Rebel Tank

Price: $49.99

A tank that employs a dual coil, it does not matter if the atomizer head included measures at 2.6 ohms. The Rebel Tank’s two coils give it an effective 1.3-ohm atomizer giving users the ability to produce massive clouds of vapor. With the high ohms, this also means a more flavorful vape as well. Simply put, we find the Rebel Tank’s performance as giving the best of two worlds.

The tank has an adjustable juice flow as well, which we found rather useful. Especially when a more viscous e-juice is used, we loosen the flow to give more flavor. When a more watery e-liquid is used, we tighten the flow to avoid flooding of the coil.

Since the tank employs a 510 connection, this means it can be used in most mods available today. The tank itself can hold about 4mls of e-liquid, which is enough to last us a while day. It depends on your mileage, though, if you are a heavy vaper, you might need to refill at least once a day.

In all, the VaporFi Rebel Tank is a great starter tank for those who has not used a tank before. It has replaceable heads for when the coil wears out, and the adjustable juice flow is an excellent way to ensure you get the flavor you need all the time.

2. Kanger EMOW Tank

Price: $19.95

The Kanger EMOW Tank may be regarded as a standard tank, but its effective ohms when in use gives it sub-ohm performance. The coil of the EMOW is rated at 1.5 ohms, but since it is dual coil, this gives it an equivalent of a single 0.75-ohm coil.

It is a small tank, compared to other similarly-priced tanks, having a capacity of about 1.8mls. However, despite its compact design, the EMOW can produce huge clouds of vapor. Even if the capacity is not on par with other tanks, we easily were able to make it last about a day, having to refill in the evening.

The EMOW Tanks is perfect for users who want the convenience of a tank but want something a bit more compact. The capacity may not seem much, but unless you are a heavy vaper, 1.8mls is just right for a day’s use. When we go out and about and want a stealthy setup, we find ourselves grabbing the EMOW Tank. Atomizers are smaller, of course, but you’d have to bring along a separate bottle of e-juice as well. The EMOW Tank is the perfect compromise for portability and convenience.

3. EVOD 2 1.5ml OCC Tank

Price: $5.95

Despite its “mini” monicker, the IPV Mini 2 is sized more like a regular box mod, however, with its size comes loads of power. Capable of pushing up to 70-watts, the IPV Mini 2 is the upgraded version of the original IPV Mini, which can “only” output up to 30-watts. The atomizer connection utilizes a floating pin, which adjusts automatically according to the length of the screw of the atomizer, giving a flush connection. The device can fire sub-ohm builds and is a great choice for more experienced vapors.

Which Tank is Best for You?:

The number of tanks available in the market today is staggering, and the first step in choosing one is to find out if you are better off with a standard tank or a sub-ohm one. Standard tanks are best for beginners though advanced users who prefer cooler vapes might want one as well. Personally, we feel that standard tanks give overall better flavor though this is more because of the relative temperature used.

Sub-ohm tanks, on the other hand, are designed to produce massive clouds and give off a hotter vape. Users who want to chase clouds or wish to get a warm throat hit similar to analogs are better off with sub-ohm tanks. However, take note that sub-ohm tanks are more suited for advanced vapers rather than beginners because of the hot temperatures and advanced mods required to use one.

Final Words

While dripping atomizers cannot be beat regarding flavor and throat hit, many tanks come close. Despite the drop in flavor (which is not much), many users prefer tanks over dripping atomizers because they are more convenient to use. Vapers do not have to lug around a bottle of e-juice all the time with a tank, and most can last a day or more before needing a refill.

On this page, you will find our top-rated e-cig tanks and clearomizers for both: regular and sub-ohm vaping. If you want to learn more about clearomizers, atomizers, and cartriges, make sure to check out this page.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what type of mod you use or if you prefer hot or cool vapes. All that matters is getting a tank that suits your vaping habits. Some of the tanks above can be used for both standard and sub-ohm vaping while some are not as flexible. Should you get a more flexible tank? Or do you get a dedicated one that does what it is supposed to do better?

The choice is ultimately yours. As long as you know what you are getting into and know how to handle the type of tank you choose, no one should dictate your decision.

  • Jennifer Lewellen

    The last standard tank you discuss has a nice write up about the IPV Mini 2 next to it, but no info about the tank… not very useful.

    • steve

      Jennifer Lewellen I I am just a former avid vapor enthusiast (that fell of the wagon for a while and is getting back into vaping) but I can tell you that the EVOD tanks are not all that good from back in the day. Also they do not use the standard 510 connector and will require a special collar to use an ego style tank on your mod unless your using an twist stick. With the popularity of the higher watt regulated box mods with the flush 510 connections the ego connection is all but dead accept for starter kits. I could be wrong about the ego as back in the day some shops would order crap off of slow tech and mark up like crazy.